Research Coverage Includes Over 1,000 Sell-Side Research Providers

October 22, 2014 – San Francisco, Calif. – AlphaSense, Inc., provider of the revolutionary AlphaSense search engine for financial research, today announced that entitled users can now search across research reports from bulge bracket brokerage firms alongside other high value content in AlphaSense. Research coverage includes over 1,000 sell-side research providers, from the largest global Wall Street banks to regional firms and smaller boutiques.

“AlphaSense offers intelligent search and the ability to create alerts across a broad universe of premium content, allowing our clients to rapidly process new information, find critical data and analyze new investment themes,” said Jack Kokko, CEO and co-founder of AlphaSense. “Adding top brokerage firms’ research reports and the ability to search across them alongside all the content we already curate has proven invaluable to our users … and is something they can’t do anywhere else.”

Unique, Intelligent Search on Broker Research
AlphaSense analyzes every broker research report and automatically adds a range of proprietary tags that make searching them uniquely powerful. For instance, whether or not reports were tagged properly by the originating analyst, AlphaSense automatically detects which country or GICS industry each document is about, and whether it’s an equity, credit, macro or commodities report. This smart tagging helps users filter and receive alerts on reports with unprecedented precision.

Users can also find and receive alerts on reports for any theme that doesn’t fit into any existing industry categories. If an investment analyst wants to find the best deep coverage on a theme like “big data” or “business intelligence,” previously they would have called their favorite research analysts on the sell-side to ask what they might have written on the theme. Now all relevant thematic research is at every AlphaSense user’s fingertips in seconds, easily ranked by relevance, to any user-defined theme.

A free trial of AlphaSense is available for qualified institutional investors.

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About AlphaSense, Inc.
AlphaSense provides a revolutionary search engine for professional investors. Our mission is to organize the world’s investment information by semantically indexing every word in the millions of documents that are released each year on public companies worldwide. Our users can instantly search and discover key data points, and track new market moving disclosures with automated alerts. Our clients include many of the world’s largest investment firms and banks. The AlphaSense subscription service helps our clients become dramatically more productive, and gain an information edge by discovering critical data points and trends that others miss.