Smart Topic Filters Automatically Find all Synonyms of Commonly Used Terms

September 23, 2014 – San Francisco, Calif. – AlphaSense, Inc., provider of the revolutionary AlphaSense search engine for financial research, today announced that it has expanded its library of proprietary topic filters to cover a range of additional topics commonly analyzed by investors. This helps users to rapidly find relevant information without having to think of all the possible keywords that companies can use to express the topic in question.

AlphaSense topic filters accomplish this by capturing a broad array of synonyms and expressions that are closely related to each topic. For example, a new topic filter, “growth,” automatically captures over 150 synonyms for “growth,” such as “rising,” “accelerating” or “gaining traction,” while filtering out over 100 false positives, such as comments about “giving rise to,” “bottom up” or “negative growth.”

Combining Topic Filters
AlphaSense topic filters are particularly useful when combined with other topics or simple keyword searches. For example, combining the “decline” topic filter with the “sales and revenue” topic filter while selecting a specific ticker allows a user to instantly see everything a company has said about a deterioration of their revenue drivers. Further limiting results to “guidance” finds any negative revenue guidance issued by a company, or across any number of companies.

“AlphaSense is making text search radically easier by mapping the language used within a given industry, such as financial services,” said Jack Kokko, CEO and co-founder of AlphaSense. “Our system automatically understands over 10,000 financial terms and maps them to associated topics, so users can focus on finding relevant results without worrying about catching all the possible variations of language across companies.”

A free trial of AlphaSense is available for qualified institutional investors.

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