User Testimonials
“AlphaSense client satisfaction ratings are off the charts — the highest we’ve ever seen. And, we’ve been in business for 25 years and work with half of the Fortune 500 companies.”
– Brian Rivel, President, Rivel Research Group
Our Financial Services Clients:

“This product is a game-changer. Everyone will need to have it.”

– Portfolio Manager, New York

“The single most valuable tool for streamlining the research process.”

– Analyst, San Francisco

“This is a product that I’ve dreamed about but didn’t think existed.”

– Hedge Fund Analyst, Portland

“This product is incredible. I bet you hear that all the time. I wish I had reached out to you sooner.”

– Portfolio Manager, New York

“All of my analysts will want this. This product will change their lives.”

– Managing Director, New York

“The time savings are significant! I highly recommend AlphaSense.”

– Robert P., President, Vision Research

“It used to take 2-3 times longer to research investment ideas before I started using AlphaSense. It pays for itself pretty quickly.”

– James H., Opal Advisors

“As an analyst I see a lot of new products, and I was sold on AlphaSense immediately. AlphaSense is a great product that saves me a lot of time.”

– Analyst, New York

“I love the synonym recognition on AlphaSense — various companies often mention the same metric in several ways, this is a huge time saver.”

– Analyst at Large Family Office, New York

“AlphaSense is one of the few products I have seen that is immediately useful, it adds value in time savings and efficiency right away.”

– Analyst, New York

“I stopped using my prior tool because I found AlphaSense search superior. I was able to quickly find information regarding “unit economics” on several companies with AlphaSense — even names I may not have otherwise considered.”

– Hedge Fund SVP, New York

“A lot of people out there are trying to make research easier, but we think you guys have figured it out. We’re ready to use AlphaSense as our primary research tool.”

– Portfolio Manager, New Jersey

“I saw a friend using AlphaSense at a conference and was intrigued. Every time I asked for specific information on a company, he literally had it in 3 seconds. Now I understand how!”

– Portfolio Manager, New York

“It is awesome. I can’t imagine doing my job before AlphaSense.”

– Hedge Fund Analyst, New York

“By far the best search capabilities that we’ve seen.”

– Consultant, New York

“This is the best product I’ve seen since Bloomberg.”

– Managing Director, New York

Our Corporate Clients:

“AlphaSense is a great product…the best I’ve seen in my 8 years of IR.”

– IR Manager, Boston

“Spent 5 or 6 hours doing research yesterday that I could have done in just minutes on AlphaSense.”

– Researcher, New York

“I’ve never seen anything quite like it. It’s saved me hours of time.”

– Vice President, Investor Relations, Cedar Rapids

“What would have taken 2 days took 2 hours. This is the coolest thing ever! I’m pretty fired up!!”

– IR Officer, Los Angeles

“AlphaSense is the most powerful search platform for public company data and a 10X productivity booster.”

– Aleks Z., Manager, Corporate Strategy and M&A, Microsoft

“AlphaSense automates my entire transcript analysis process prior to earnings. I used to spend 10 hours on what now takes 10 minutes.”

– Director of Investor Relations, Seattle

“AlphaSense typically pulls up exactly what I was looking for without having to run more than one search.”

– Kendra K., Director, Investor Relations, Nielsen

“I use AlphaSense to turn around requests from senior management in a timely manner and with accuracy. It is clear that the platform is a necessity in running an efficient IR department.”

– Cristal D., Investor Relations Analyst, T-Mobile, Inc.

“I am able to retrieve information within seconds, which saves a great deal of time, instead of having to dig through several different sources. The team is also very responsive in answering questions.”

– Hilary M., Investor Relations Analyst, The Hanover Insurance Group

“What took 4 people an entire weekend looking through transcripts, downloading PDF’s and using control-f took just a few seconds on AlphaSense. That right there was worth the price of admission. I’m a big fan.”

– CEO, Southport, CT

“Smart Synonyms saves us hours of work – and is exactly what we were doing manually on a daily basis.”

– Corporate Strategy Manager, Columbus

“AlphaSense is the only tool that compares the original and amended documents for Form 10s. Other tools only compare 10Ks and Qs. This was one of many reasons why we added AlphaSense to our arsenal.”

– Research Associate, New York City

“AlphaSense is a great tool for getting up to speed on new companies and an industry very quickly.”

– Research Associate, New York