Improve Planning and Execute Strategy Faster

AlphaSense® is an intelligent research platform that helps corporate development professionals analyze market opportunities so they can act faster and with greater confidence. Our search technology and collaboration tools provide the knowledge to set strategy for your firm and convert opportunity into value across companies, industries and relationships.

AlphaSense, the “Google” for Corporate Development, provides:


  • Research new ideas, follow industry trends and monitor potential targets from millions of reports, including analyst research, news, company presentations, conference transcripts, filings, press releases (public & private companies), etc.
  • Search a library of Wall Street investment research from 1,000+ firms (bulge bracket banks to boutique firms)
  • Upload your proprietary content to take advantage of advanced search, filtering and data management tools


  • Use advanced search to highlight and annotate content for a 360º view of your investment thesis
  • Apply Smart Synonyms™ to automatically include synonyms for key financial terms
  • Stay on top of competitive forces that can affect your investments through email alerts


  • Become more productive with added insight; spot trends that others miss
  • Improve deal flow and identify investment opportunities first
  • Collaborate with people and teams to share knowledge across the organization

AlphaSense is available via web browser and iPad app. No software to install, no systems to manage.


Our clients include over 800 leading investment firms and corporations.

“I used to spend 10 hours on what now takes 10 minutes.”
– Director of IR, Seattle

“What took 4 people an entire weekend took just a few seconds on AlphaSense. I’m a big fan.”
– CEO, Southport, CT

“AlphaSense client satisfaction ratings are off the charts — the highest we’ve ever seen. And, we’ve been in business for 25 years and work with half of the Fortune 500 companies.”
– Brian Rivel, President, Rivel Research Group

No more Ctrl-F! AlphaSense is an award-winning platform and locates data buried in millions of documents within seconds.