White Paper: IR Guide To Earnings Season With Augmented Intelligence

Earning Season Best Practices

As an IR professional, you know all too well how much preparation goes into earnings season reporting. 

Between conducting research, perfecting the script, presentation, press release, and preparing leadership, the work is relentless. Preparation for next earnings season starts almost as soon as the prior quarter’s work ends. The result? A cycle of research and execution that lasts throughout the entire fiscal year.

But the effort is well worth it. Earnings season preparation presents IR professionals with an opportunity to communicate quantitative earnings report data in a qualitative way. This transforms the numbers into a powerful narrative that fuels investor decision-making, and drives the market.

But how can Investor Relations professionals go about this strategically?

It all comes down to implementing an efficient research process. Leveraging relevant data to create an earnings narrative that positions your company in the most strategic way is the ultimate goal. 

We’ve broken down the earnings season research process into three categories, or “pillars:”

  • Ensuring Continuity With Last Quarter: Studying your own earnings calls from previous quarters might not seem like a top priority. But it pays to have absolute continuity regarding how you describe short and long-term goals, projections and other vital company information. 
  • Following Industry Trends: Focus on collecting information, keywords and trends that matter most to your company, so you can communicate valuable insights quickly while avoiding information overload.
  • Understanding What The Street Is Saying: It’s essential to have an understanding of how analysts and investors feel about outside trends. But you also need to know how analysts have interacted with your company before. What questions have analysts asked in the past?  Know how to avoid being sidelined by unexpected questions, and deliver answers with ease.

Augmented Intelligence can expedite research and quickly point you to the most meaningful data points to drive actionable insights. The faster relevant information can be aggregated, the more time IR professionals can spend on what really matters — distilling knowledge into a presentation that impresses investors and tells your company story. 

In our white paper “IR Guide To Earnings Season With Augmented Intelligence,” we take a deeper dive into exploring the major challenges IR teams face when preparing earnings call presentations, with our tips on how AI tools like AlphaSense can expedite research and quickly point you to the most meaningful data points. 

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