The Future of Earnings: How to Prepare for Earnings Season



October 9, 2020

TR/Earnings tabs on computer.
TR/Earnings tabs on computer.

This week, we hosted “The Future of Earnings,” a webcast series designed to showcase the value that AlphaSense can add to your workflow during earnings season.

We sat down with TMT Analyst Charles Zvibleman to discuss using AlphaSense to prepare for earnings season.

Are you interested in learning more? Watch “The Future of Earnings” on-demand, or request free access to AlphaSense to try it for yourself this earnings season.


  • Theme extraction allows analysts and users to quickly pinpoint what executives are saying (and whether it’s positive or negative) in their company earnings calls.
  • Snippet Explorer helps build a short history of what a company has said about specific topics throughout its historical earnings calls.
  • AlphaSense’s KPI Extraction Module quickly surfaces structured quantitative data and context around company KPIs, such as revenue or costs.

Analysts Leverage AlphaSense to Speed Up Their Preparation

TMT Analyst Charles Zvibleman explained that he uses AlphaSense to speed up his workflow and prepare all the earnings insights he needs before the end of every quarter.

Zvibleman leverages Theme Extraction to quickly scan documents for mentions around more prominent themes within previous earnings calls, something that would take him hours longer before AlphaSense (trying to control-f his way through documents.)

With Snippet Explorer, Zvibleman analyzes what a company has said in previous earnings calls and company documents about specific subjects. Zvibleman used a particular example: if he is preparing for Google’s upcoming Earnings Call, he’ll go back into previous quarters’ earnings transcripts to get a sense of their operating margins, specifically G&A. “With a simple search, I can pinpoint what commentary executives provided about G&A and find that headcount was a factor. Looking even further back, I’ll find that in Q3 2019, Google gave an obvious comment that G&A was driven by a $554 million charge from a legal settlement in France.”

Zvibleman also sets up targeted alerts to ensure he doesn’t miss any information on tangential companies that may impact the tech giants he is tracking.


New Search Provides New Capabilities

Engineering Manager, Wenson Tsai, explained that AlphaSense’s new search functionality (which will be released later this year) provides speed, simplicity, and highly advanced AI methods to the platform.

For analysts like Zvibleman, speed (search results returning in milliseconds) and new search methods ensure that preparing for earnings season will be faster, more efficient, and more accurate than ever before.

Watch “The Future of Earnings” webcasts, or sign up for a free trial.

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