In order to stay on top of competitive forces that can affect a company’s success, corporate strategy professionals research new ideas and industries, monitor peers and stay on top of market trends.

Corporate strategy teams search through broker research to review the analysis and opinions of top, global sell-side analysts that predict market trends and broader changes in the product space. Broker research reports discuss opportunities within each industry — content that can be very difficult to find elsewhere.

Historically, it has been difficult for corporate strategy teams to access broker research. At most, these teams would have access to smaller firms’ sparsely published research with limited value when trying to stay up-to-date on market and industry trends.

Broker research is one of the most popular content sets on AlphaSense, the “Google” for corporate strategy professionals. The platform enables users to search across reports from a library of over 1,000 aftermarket research contributors without the need for any broker relationships or research entitlements.

Find relevant broker research on just about any topic on AlphaSense.

Thematic Search

Corporate strategy teams need to identify and research industry trends. However, without properly tagging the content within reports, searching or filtering by industry won’t produce accurate results on most platforms. AlphaSense enriches broker research tagging, with particular emphasis on industry, allowing users to find what others miss. With AlphaSense, teams can research themes and receive notifications on newly published content, so they’re always alerted to new information.

For example, if a coffee company wants to expand its coffee product line into a new market, such as China, a search for coffee and china together will reveal industry focused reports that might discuss anything from coffee consumption trends to market share, pricing and more.

A search on industry and region in AlphaSense will give corporate strategy professionals insight into market trends


A big part of a corporate strategy professional’s job is forecasting and trying to anticipate where the market is headed.

For example, a corporate strategist in the consumer technology sector might want to analyze what others are expecting the Internet of Things market to look like in the future. Searching for IoT market size on AlphaSense allows them to view the aftermarket research displaying all of the industry knowledge and research needed to make an intelligent prediction.

When searching aftermarket research on AlphaSense, users also get the same benefits that exist on all content across the platform, such as keyword search improvement to include Smart Synonyms, and sorting results using a multi-factor relevance score.

The below example shows blue underlined text in the search box indicating that Smart Synonyms are being used for the two separate concepts, thereby expanding the search to automatically include related keywords for the terms. The use of Smart Synonyms streamlines the research process, adding insights and helping users stay on top of the ever-changing landscape of the market.

Sorting by score allows users to instantly find the most relevant content on any topic.

Corporate Strategy professionals can easily find industry and market trends with AlphaSense

“Searching broker research and company reports in one place is extremely valuable.”
– Analyst, New York

The AlphaSense platform can be used by corporate strategy professionals to:

  • Easily find all relevant data points with a single search — save countless hours by finding what is needed quickly with pinpoint precision and the ability to sort by relevance with a single click
  • Save money by consuming only the research pages needed — surgically browse through popular aftermarket research (typically purchased as full documents) to preview the most relevant pages from their search, or from the interactive table of contents, without having to pay for the document in its entirety. Why pay for a 20-page report when a single relevant page is all that is needed?
  • Annotate and bookmark relevant content — highlight and take notes directly in the context of the report and easily access or download a digest of their annotations anytime, anywhere
  • Discover significant company reports by analysts’ actions — Quickly identify major reports such as initiations, rating upgrades / downgrades or estimate changes through intuitive tagging directly in the document result list

Broker research used to be difficult to obtain, painful to search and practically impossible to monitor on an ongoing basis. Corporate strategy professionals use AlphaSense to quickly and easily access research from top global analysts, and instantly find the most relevant information within millions of research reports.

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