Improve Your Competitive Intelligence Research Process

Improve your Competitive Intelligence research process with AlphaSense

Competitive Intelligence professionals take several approaches to their research, including peer and industry analysis, identifying potential M&As and producing a product roadmap. From the tactical side, Competitive Intelligence (CI) professionals need to evaluate changing market environments and the competitive landscape.

Without a doubt, gaining a competitive edge should be part of every company’s strategic roadmap.

Every CI professional has access to the internet and can run basic searches to gain information on their industry and peers. Some CI teams have access to multiple platforms they use for specific types of research. This creates an issue — multiple logins and high monthly fees.

AlphaSense for Competitive IntelligenceBy leveraging AlphaSense, the new “Google” for Competitive Intelligence, research professionals are able to gain a competitive edge and stay ahead of their competitors and peers with the ability to find information that’s otherwise difficult to locate or unavailable anywhere else. AlphaSense includes all of the document types and content CI professionals need, and allows them to upload their own content which can be searched alongside the company filings, broker research, earnings call transcripts, investor relations presentations, press releases, real-time news, etc., effectively eliminating the need for multiple resources.

“Gain a competitive edge and stay ahead of competitors and peers with the ability to find information that’s otherwise difficult to locate or unavailable anywhere else.”

Understanding external threats and where a company’s best opportunities lie are critical to the CI role and their company’s success. AlphaSense allows users to identify which competitors have entered a market, gained market share, and allows user to keep an eye on potential M&As.

Competitive Intelligence professionals use AlphaSense to improve their research process in these 3 key areas:

1. Conduct Peer and Industry Analysis

  • Create a watchlist of competitors — save time by searching across all competitors at once
  • View competitive mentions on call transcripts
  • Use Smart SynonymsSM, such as “R&D,” to automatically expand searches — easily seeing what stage competitors are in their product development
  • Receive automated email alerts with text snippets on your saved searches

Receive email alerts on your competitive intelligence searches

2. Identify Changes in Competitive Landscape

  • Monitor shifts in market share through potential M&As
  • Come up to speed quickly on any companies
  • Identify companies issuing debt — detect early signs of M&As or potential product expansions

Expand your competitive intelligence searches with boolean logic

3. Organize Research

  • Upload proprietary research and documents to be searched alongside curated content
  • Highlight and annotate content — easily share research within a team
  • Download a digest of findings

“All the content we need is in AlphaSense, and it’s faster, easier to use and less expensive than [previous tool].”

Competitive Intelligence professionals are already master researchers. AlphaSense expert search specialists help CI professionals build a first-class monitoring system to ward off any unexpected developments and help CI professionals maintain their competitive edge and save hours of research time with exceptional tools.

Gain a competitive edge and improve  your research process with AlphaSense,  the “Google” for Competitive Intelligence.  Try it Free.