Insider Transactions Settle After Spike in August



October 9, 2020

Form 4 on paper.
Form 4 on paper.

Insider buying often demonstrates inner confidence in the future performance of a company. For example, in times of market uncertainty (particularly in a post-COVID world), insider transactions may signal management consensus that markets will recover at a faster (or slower) rate than anticipated by the general public.

In August, the New York Times reported that insider purchasing was at an all-time high, according to AlphaSense data. In the weeks following, however, the pace of purchases has settled. 

To monitor this trend as it evolves, we’ve created the Insider Transactions Feed — a live feed of all insider purchases and sales, leveraging the AlphaSense API to extract data from Form 4 filings.  

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Insider Selling Reached All-Time Highs in August

In August, daily filings for company insider stock purchases reached an all-time high of 152 assets per day. In addition, the weekly numbers, following a few slow weeks in July, skyrocketed in mid-August.

WoW Insider Transactions have slowly decreased from August’s massive spike throughout September and into October.

Compared to August 2019, August 2020 represented one of the most significant months of filings in years, a YoY change of over 20%.

# of 4/4A filings per month over the past year

The Past Month: Digging Into the Data

Zooming out to the last 30 days, we see the most concentration of insider buying in Software, Biotechnology, and Healthcare Equipment & Supplies.


Software and Biotechnology accounted for almost half of Insider Transactions in September.

Software, in particular, has spiked in September and October, with companies like Salesforce, Yext, Blackberry, Smartsheet making large transactions.

Looking at the past seven days:

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