White Paper: Better Market Intelligence With Smart Search

If you work in Corporate Strategy or Market Intelligence, you know what it feels like to drown in too much data.

A wealth of information is at your fingertips. But it’s impossible to surface unique insights when the amount of data available to assess grows exponentially every day. It’s harder to surface unique insights when the quantity of available information continues to grow.

Competitive lines are constantly changing and innovation alters industries overnight. How can you sharpen your competitive edge, make powerful recommendations to leadership, and be prepared to pivot at a moment’s notice?

Navigating today’s competitive landscape comes with some core challenges, like:

  • Increasing data fatigue. It’s important to ensure the competitive intelligence you’re collecting is accurate and verifiable. With more information from more sources, it can be easy to lose sight of the quality insights your team needs.
  • Keeping up with change. Swift communication is essential for competitive intelligence teams. Whether you’re reacting to a competitor’s acquisition or a sudden regulatory shift, you need to be able to feel confident you’re making the right decision, in real time.
  • Decision paralysis. Too much information can overwhelm decision makers, and stall swift action. Being able to cut through the noise can help prevent doubt and increase efficiency.
  • Outdated search technology. Legacy search tools can be limiting. Many search tools today are unable to pick up on language variations in conversations from company to company. Market intelligence teams can miss out on emerging thematic trends or all mentions of a topic at hand, regardless of how they’re spoken about.

How Smart Search technology can help

Advances in AI search technology are streamlining workflows, making it possible for you to spend less time hunting for information, and more time making strategic recommendations.

Download our white paper “Better Market Intelligence With Smart Search” to learn how today’s modern market intelligence teams can use AI to help drive actionable insights and make more strategic decisions.

You’ll discover:

  • The major challenges for competitive intelligence teams today, from nuanced to disparate data sources
  • How to better navigate publicly available information for more effective competitive intelligence efforts
  • How smart search technology can augment market and competitive intelligence efforts beyond legacy search tool capabilities

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