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Kailey Raymond


May 25, 2021

We are living in the information age. There’s more data in the world today than there has ever been. In fact, 90% of the world’s information has been created in the past 2 years alone, with the vast majority of that data categorized as “unstructured.” What’s more, unstructured data – research reports, news articles, blogs, video content – is doubling every 24 months. 

Buried within that huge pile of unstructured information? Critical insights that power the success of trading decisions, strategic initiatives, M&A deals, product pricing, and more. Due to the massive volume of information, rapid pace of publishing, and disparate platforms and sources this information is available on, ongoing monitoring for the most important details is an increasingly difficult task. 


It’s no surprise that over the past 10 years, there’s been a steady rise in the number of mentions of AI, automation or big data in earnings calls.


How AI enables more effective monitoring

In order to effectively gather, synthesize and distribute the information necessary for a business to make decisions, entire teams are dedicated to the effort of monitoring this deluge of data. Aiding in their monitoring efforts, NLP algorithms designed to understand human language are automating much of this once-manual process by reading through millions of lines of text, so you don’t have to. Moreover, by aggregating multiple disparate content sets into one place, platforms like AlphaSense enable you to spend less time searching for relevant information, and more time analyzing and validating your strategies.

A ‘one-stop-shop’ for relevant information



Sitting on top of millions of pieces of premium, curated content, AlphaSense aggregates sources, sorts for relevancy and displays the latest updates on companies, sectors, and topics of interest into a single view. This Dashboard view is your one-stop-shop to uncover, browse, and read through relevant documents without resorting to dozens of views or looking at disparate sources of content. Using Dashboard switches your perspective from having to search, to being able to discover helpful information. 

Proactively gather powerful insights in real-time

Taking automated monitoring a step further, you can leverage AlphaSense to set alerts that allow you to proactively respond to changes or updates unfolding in real-time.


We hear from our customers that they are able to win more business and proactively serve client needs by using AI to scan through mountains of unstructured data, pinpoint the most relevant mentions about a specific company, sector, or topic, and stay on top of market movements with these real-time updates. One analyst mentioned that, with AlphaSense Alerts, they were notified about how a regional disease outbreak was going to impact a company in their holdings 3 days before the news hit the press. With this advanced notice, the analyst was able to restructure investments to quickly avoid a huge downside.

Check out this video of best practices in AI-powered monitoring to see how some of these scenarios can be tackled within AlphaSense or unlock a 2 week free trial here.

 Here are a few scenarios and how AlphaSense’s smart AI can tackle monitoring workflow:

What you’re monitoring


How to do it with AlphaSense

Companies You need to monitor the Covid related risks associated with a set of critical suppliers to a global CPG  Understand how a specific set of companies are thinking about a topic (covid and risks) by searching across documents tagged to multiple companies using a Watchlist (suppliers)

Receive critical info in real-time by setting email alerts based on search criteria. Highlighted statements, meaningful context, and links that bring you to the document in-platform, allow you to react to news in real-time and build a proactive strategy.

Search link for AlphaSense users.

Topics/themes Understand the main elements of the electric vehicle industry including market size, growth, trends, and competitive landscape  Get up to speed, quickly on an industry (automobiles) by running a thematic search (market size) across multiple document types (broker research and company documents)

Identify all the companies talking about a topic (electric vehicles) in the Search Summary and sort documents by relevance to uncover the most important players’ strategies over time.

Search link for AlphaSense users.

Sectors Generate new ideas about the telecom industry and identify emerging companies in the sector that are talking about “5G”  Use the Dashboard to easily access crucial documents from companies within your sector (telecom) and theme (5G). 

Regularly access Search Summary to keep tabs on new companies, industries and regions.

Then navigate to a Company’s Tear Sheet to gain an overview of the most important topics that a specific company is talking about to generate new ideas.

Search link for AlphaSense users. 

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Kailey Raymond

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