AlphaSense Awarded Multiple G2 Distinctions Including #1 in Financial Research, Leader in Market Intelligence

We’re proud to announce that G2, a software review site, has awarded us several distinguished awards across multiple categories for the Spring 2021 season. In the Financial Research category, we were awarded a Leader distinction and are the #1 rated platform. Across the Market Intelligence, Market Intelligence Enterprise, and Media Monitoring categories, we were also distinguished as Leaders.

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These awards are based off over 60 user reviews from IR directors, financial research analysts, chief investment officers, corporate strategists, competitive intelligence managers (and more) across enterprise and mid-market companies in various industries. We’re not only the #1 platform in the Financial Research category (our second time in a row garnering that distinction), we’re also the only company within that category to hold the Leader distinction within G2’s analysis that evaluated our profile based on the quality of our reviews, NPS scores, growth, among other factors to rate our Satisfaction and Market Presence scores.

Why we’re #1

From user reviews across industries such as healthcare, finance, tech, manufacturing, one thing is clear – they love us. Over 90% of our reviews are 5-star, (the rest? 4 stars) and our reviews point to how users save a significant amount of time using AlphaSense’s excellent search capabilities, live platform support, wide breadth of content, and useful features allowing them to export data, tables, charts, and any other information necessary.

Most importantly, our AI technology provides content and source recommendations, an overview of key topics specific companies are discussing, theme summarization, sentiment analysis, and Smart Synonyms, which captures all the variations of a single search term in business and financial language so your search is as accurate and comprehensive as possible. These essential features allow our users to surface important insights in a fraction of the time it would normally take them.

What our users say about AlphaSense

Here are some excerpts from our most recent reviews. To read all our reviews, check out our G2 profile here.

“Simply the best tool for the Investor Relations and Corporate Research professional”

Matthew A
Founder & President
Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

“Incredible depth of research over a vast amount of companies, with impressive coverage that’s customizable to the user. The user can set up alerts, enabling tracking targets and competitors, delivered to my email instantly. The platform can be accessed online, regardless of device, and the mobile app is quite useful.”

“Essential Tool for Market Insights”

Zack T
Director – Strategic Communications – Cisco Contact Center BU
Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)

“[Search] by keyword, sentiment analysis tools, ongoing updates, access to [a] wide range of topics, including transcripts and IR reports.”

“Great for competitive analysis

Stephen F
Financial Analyst
Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

“…The user design is intuitive, the search options allow for customization (boolean search, intelligent search). The results are highlighted for ease of review…

“Really great platform – 10/10 would recommend!”

Simran D
Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)

“…AlphaSense really lets you use targeted words and searches to best find the information you need. My favourite feature of the platform is perhaps how it will only show you sources that have your two words 10-15 words apart. This lets you get rid of all the noise that you get on traditional platforms like Google, and helps you focus on a single source better.”

“Best Text Search Algorithm in Equity Research Space”

Ricky M
Consultant, Surgical Innovations Strategy
Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)

“My top three

  1. Best Text Search: AlphaSense’s search[es] deep into documents, even embedded tables…
  2. Broadest Company Universe: Reach to many OUS countries – including Japan – have really impressed me vs. previous platforms I used.
  3. Delivery on promises – when I joined AlphaSense 8 months ago they said they would expand entitlements with more investment banks’ sell side research teams and they have – bringing over some of the strongest teams like BAML…”

“Alphasense is a one stop shop for all my external perception needs.”

Sanjeev D
Executive Director, Corporate Strategy
Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)

“…All top analysts are included within my subscription which really helps me get to the right insights in near real time.”

“Amazing smart search tool!”

Maksat S
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

“All sell-side and independent research in one place and AlphaSense’s smart search and synonyms makes it very easy and fast to research any company/sector/topic. Bookmarks, tagging, notes and sharing take it to another level…”

“Nothing short of life saving”

Chase F
Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

“Keyword search is remarkable – not only is it accurate, but it is smart enough to pick up words or phrases that are peripheral to the word you searched…”

“The Ultimate Time Saving Machine”

Antoine L
Equity Research Associate
Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

“Combines The Best Of Multiple Platforms – And Always Improving”

Alex R.
Senior Research Associate
Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

AlphaSense powers thousands of the world’s leading organizations, including more than 50% of the S&P 100 and over 66% of the 50 largest global investment firms, who use AlphaSense to rapidly surface the critical information they need on companies, industries, and market-moving trends. We thank our users and are proud that we’ve been able to impact their most critical strategic decisions.

To see the power of AlphaSense for yourself, sign up for a free trial to surface industry-specific insights across 100M+ documents, including earnings calls, financial filings, trade journals, broker research, and more.


AlphaSense is a market intelligence platform used by the world’s leading companies and financial institutions. Since 2011, our AI-based technology has helped professionals make smarter business decisions by delivering insights from an extensive universe of public and private content—including company filings, event transcripts, news, trade journals, expert calls, broker reports, and equity research. Our platform is trusted by over 2,000 enterprise customers, including a majority of the S&P 100. Headquartered in New York City, AlphaSense employs over 1,000 people across offices in the U.S., U.K., Finland, Germany, and India.

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