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Unlock the Value of Internal Content with Generative AI

Organizations amass inventories of valuable research (i.e., internal decks, memos, meeting notes, customer interviews, research notes)... see post

Oilfield with sunset.
Trends5 min read

U.S. Oilfield Market Size Faces Questions After Shaky Start To 2019

The U.S. onshore oilfield service and supply business was a roughly $100bn addressable market in 2018. This figure is the...
Hands typing on computer.
Product3 min read

Get Smart On The Competition Faster With AlphaSense Real-Time Email Al...

When it comes to competitive intelligence, you could manually research your market peers and hope for the best. But wouldn’t you rather be...
Hands pointing at computer.
Product3 min read

Your New Secret Weapon: AlphaSense Private Company Search

Whether you’re seeking M&A opportunities, guiding your clients, or observing new entrants in your industry, it’s essential to be aware...
Money in dirt with gardening tool.
Trends3 min read

ESG/Sustainability: ROI Advantages For Small & Mid-Cap Companies

In previous posts, I addressed increasing evidence that there can be real ROI advantage to companies that include ESG/Sustainability as...
Mirror with clouds.
Engineering4 min read

3 Ways Cloud-Based Platforms Are Transforming Financial Research

Cloud-based applications have become the norm in our personal lives, and over the last few years have infiltrated the workplace....
Desk with computers, lamp and technology.
Product3 min read

Gain A Competitive Edge With Platform Optimization

Gaining — and maintaining — a competitive edge should be part of every company’s strategic planning.
Product1 min read

3M Overcomes Information Overload With AlphaSense

3M applies science in collaborative ways to improve lives daily. The Global Strategy and Market Development team is both visionary...
Engineering3 min read

Avoiding The Value Trap Through Qualitative Research

Since the end of the 2008 financial crisis, growth stocks have soared spectacularly and value stocks have remained relatively cheap....
Carbon reduction 2015 disclosure references bar chart.
Trends9 min read

Examining Carbon Reduction ROI And Competitive Positioning

Carbon reduction is a hot topic in the ESG/Sustainability field for investor consideration as well as in the general public...

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