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Hand holding city and hand holding tree.
Trends6 min read

ESG/Sustainability: Is the Topic Coming Up On Earnings Calls?

There is growing evidence of attention to ESG/Sustainability in mainstream investing. Global ESG/Sustainability investments are now 30 percent of all...
Return on Investment illustration.
Trends5 min read

ESG/Sustainability: Are Companies Realizing Real ROI?

There is a groundswell of professional observations that ESG / Sustainability has truly gone mainstream over the last several years....
Black building.
Trends3 min read

ESG/Sustainability: A Differentiator For Sell-Side Coverage?

Investor Relations teams at small- and mid-cap companies have always struggled to get and maintain sell-side analyst research coverage.  Then...
2016 Proxy Season
Product5 min read

Trends in ESG/Sustainability Shareholder Proposals

Environmental and social-related shareholder proposals and investor support appear to be growing.
Computers in boardroom.
Product3 min read

Why Investment Firms Need Better Research Management Solutions

A research management solution should help firms organize, analyze and share the vast amount of research and data needed to...
Document Results over time (monthly) for Formula 1
Product4 min read

How Consumers Benefit from Formula 1 Technology

We are nearing the end of Formula 1 ($BATRA) season, when prestige automobile manufacturers show off their latest and greatest...
Information Technology Sector
Trends4 min read

The IT Sector Is Paying Attention To ESG, Are You?

ESG/Sustainability is now a factor in both company competition and investor decision-making, as seen across IT companies by evidence of...
Trends9 min read

Might Growth In Passive and Sustainability Investment Strategies Be Co...

How can growth in passive and sustainability investment strategies affect a company’s relationship efforts and effectiveness with investors and buy-side and...
Iced coffee with straw.
Trends4 min read

Plastic Straw Ban: An Unanticipated ESG/Sustainability Catalyst

Millions of plastic straws are used every day around the world. It’s become a flashpoint, with consumers lobbying companies to...

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