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2023 Reflections from our CEO

2023 was an incredible year for product innovation at AlphaSense. As I consider the successes of the past 12 months, I am filled with ... see post

Information Technology Sector
Trends4 min read

The IT Sector Is Paying Attention To ESG, Are You?

ESG/Sustainability is now a factor in both company competition and investor decision-making, as seen across IT companies by evidence of...
Trends9 min read

Might Growth In Passive and Sustainability Investment Strategies Be Co...

How can growth in passive and sustainability investment strategies affect a company’s relationship efforts and effectiveness with investors and buy-side and...
Iced coffee with straw.
Trends4 min read

Plastic Straw Ban: An Unanticipated ESG/Sustainability Catalyst

Millions of plastic straws are used every day around the world. It’s become a flashpoint, with consumers lobbying companies to...
Coins with plants growing out of them.
Trends6 min read

Expanding Significance Of Sustainability In Capital Competition

The New York Stock Exchange launched a central repository of ESG reporting resources in its public access website on March...
Blue sky with power lines.
Trends6 min read

Is Sustainability A Real Competitive Frontier For Utilities?

If public utilities are regulated, how could Sustainability be a real competitive frontier? And, isn’t Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)...
Eco key in door lock.
Trends7 min read

A New Year For Sustainability Positioning In Lodging And Leisure

2016 marked a year of extraordinary structural activity across leading U.S. lodging and leisure companies. Structure is just one element...
Hand holding green globe.
Trends7 min read

Sustainability In Aftermarket Research Post-MiFID II

A Possible Differentiator for Sell-Side Analysts’ Survival in the New MiFID II Era? The new European Commission MiFID II regulation...
Hand drawing business doodles.
Trends7 min read

Sustainability In The Mainstream

For all intents and purposes, Sustainability has matured as a field to the point of effectively becoming part of the...
Hamilton sign on Broadway.
Uncategorized7 min read

Choreographing Enterprise Sales: What Sales Leaders Can Learn From Ham...

When sales professionals choreograph every aspect of their sales process – from initial research and prep to final negotiation and...

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