Your Recommended Reads: Combat FOMO with Proactive Recommendations

If your job requires you to be the expert on a particular topic, company, market, or competitive landscape, you need to see every document that is pertinent to your role. Our users tell us they struggle with capturing all the information and sources they need proactively. Even a little knowledge can make the difference between getting ahead of or falling behind in an ever-changing market.

However, with more and more data and documents published every day, time and attention constraints make it increasingly difficult for knowledge workers to preemptively search for or even know what to search for to find the insights they need. That’s why we’ve built AI to do the monitoring that is not always possible for our users to surface.

Our AI proactively suggests relevant information without initializing searches based on your settings and activity in the platform. Our technology then places these suggestions into one simple to consume weekly digest for our users – Your Recommended Reads. Your Recommended Reads seeks to solve any information gaps.

“I can see a parallel between Your Recommended Reads and Spotify Discover. I love when I hit play on Spotify every Friday I encounter new music and artists I wouldn’t have otherwise listened to. With Your Recommended Reads, it’s an exploration and new world of documents and content.” – VP, Investment advisory firm


How do your recommended reads solve information gaps?

Tailor Your Recommendations

Your Recommended Reads suggests a personalized list of documents to you based on your interests by analyzing preferences from your dashboard, alerts, watchlists, and aggregated document readership. As an AlphaSense user, you can further optimize your suggestions by:

Setting Up Your Dashboard

Your dashboard provides a centralized place to access and organize all of your most essential information streams in AlphaSense.

Creating and Updating Your Watchlists

Searching across multiple companies gives you an understanding of how key industry players think about a specific theme or trend.

Setting Up Ongoing Alerts

Ensure you don’t miss critical changes on topics you care about; AlphaSense delivers email alerts based on your search criteria with highlighted statements, meaningful context, and links that bring you back to that document in the AlphaSense platform, allowing you to react to the news that triggered the alert quickly.

Your configuration is only used to personalize your recommendations and is not shared with others.

Get Ahead with Proactive Monitoring

As a knowledge worker, your day-to-day is defined by how much information you need to have – even a tiny bit of data can mean the difference between getting ahead of or falling behind a market shift. AlphaSense understands the importance of being proactive and innovating to deliver the most helpful information when you need it.

Interested in learning more about our technology? See how our AI research team created proactive monitoring. For users, if you’d like to learn more about how you can maximize your utility with AlphaSense’s monitoring tools, visit our help center.

“I noticed that it pulled up a company that we don’t currently watch, I liked that it pulled up [this company], because I don’t think we’ve ever searched for [this company] before, but it got us thinking that maybe we should check that out.” – VP, Investment advisory firm

Judith Zhu
Judith Zhu

As an education-focused Product Marketing Manager, Judith Zhu partners with AlphaSense’s content, search, and AI product teams to bring innovative research solutions to users.

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