How to surface ESG data and research in AlphaSense



April 15, 2020

People protesting with "We Will Not Be Silenced" poster against blue background.
People protesting with "We Will Not Be Silenced" poster against blue background.

As the global pandemic highlights widening social gaps, limited resources, and human rights issues, the topic of sustainability and governance are top of mind for consumers, investors, and across a range of industries.

As environmental, social, and governance (ESG) plays an increasingly relevant role in investment portfolios and corporate strategies, there’s a desire for detailed ESG data. But a lack of standardization around how ESG data is reported means that salient details are buried in filings or company websites, which has made it difficult to comprehensively conduct ESG research, analyze it, and refine strategies accordingly.

Now, there’s a way to isolate essential ESG information in AlphaSense.

Quickly surface ESG information in AlphaSense.

Use the Environmental, Sustainability, and Governance filter under the Sources menu to hone in on ESG-specific content sets, such as Sustainability/CSR Reports, Environmental Health & Governance Reports, and Carbon Disclosure Reports. AlphaSense also recognizes a robust library of ESG related Smart Synonyms, allowing you to analyze content and surface further relevant insights about climate change, natural resource constraints, and many other ESG factors.

For example, typing in ‘labor practices’ in AlphaSense allows you to see all the relevant companies and filings around inclusion, culture, equality, opportunities, etc. You can further refine your ESG search across any public company or watchlist.


In AlphaSense, ESG content can be found through:

  • An ESG source filter. Narrow down your search to only include sustainability reports, Environmental, Health, and Safety reports, Social Reports, GRI reports, and Carbon Disclosure reports.
  • ESG Smart Synonyms. Keywords on thematic topics such as environment, sustainability, human rights, diversity, regulations, etc.

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