Weather, Wine & Web Clippings

Weather, Wine & Web Clippings

This winter brought some strange weather to the United States. The northeastern states experienced swings of spring-like conditions, immediately followed by blizzards. The west coast received record-level rainfalls that caused severe damage in states like California.

It’s likely this shift in weather is due to climate change. So, how does climate change affect regional industries, such as the wine-making industry in northern California?

Investors interested in the wine industry or spirits distribution companies can monitor the affects by researching the financial health and medium-term outlooks of these companies. They can look for trends such as the recent surge in demand for wine by millennials. Investors also look for outlooks, such as the possible shift from the current wine production havens in the U.S. to the UK and Sweden.

With AlphaSense, the intelligent search engine, investors can easily find valuable insights and hidden data points in documents, including global filings, transcripts, broker reports, investor relations presentations, press releases, news and industry journals.

But what if they find a topical article on the web, and they want to be able to search that article alongside other documents?

This is now possible with the new web clipper function available in AlphaSense. Users can:

  • Save any web page or article directly into AlphaSense, free of advertising
  • Find relevant clipped content on any search, leveraging intelligent search and Smart SynonymsTM
  • Save articles or web pages to read later
  • Highlight, annotate or tag articles or share them with colleagues

For example, National Public Radio recently broadcast a segment titled, “Global Warming is Reshaping the Wine-Making World.” A visit to produced a transcript of the program, and utilizing the new web clipper feature in AlphaSense, a single click adds this article to an AlphaSense account. This article is immediately indexed and searchable alongside other content on the account.

Easily add web clippings to AlphaSense

In AlphaSense, running a search on the terms global warming OR climate change against a few major wine-making companies [Constellation Brands ($STZ), Diageo ($DEO) and Pernod Ricard ($RI.FR)] produced over 60 results from the past 2 years. The results show that the companies believe that the cost of new regulations around global warming and climate change may impact business.

For example, in Diageo’s ($DEO) most recent 6K filing they mention, “the effects of climate change and related regulations and other measures to address climate change, including any resulting impact on the cost and supply of water” as a potential risk to profitability. 1

Easily search web clippings along with other content in AlphaSense

To complement the company research conducted in AlphaSense, it is helpful to search external sources, like the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Academy of Sciences, to get their perspectives on the matter.

The ability to include articles from outside sources via the new AlphaSense Web Clipper allows users to round out their research sources and add content to a single, customized and curated database. An AlphaSense subscription includes millions of curated documents and the ability to upload or sync folders with personalized content.

Contact AlphaSense for a free trial and get started today.

1. Diageo 6K SEC filing, Feb 2, 2017

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