What’s the Best Way to Consume Broker Research?

AlphaSense Broker Research

There are many layers to the investment process that require a combination of tools to properly cover all aspects of research — and qualitative research is one of the most important facets of that process.

Using an intelligent tool to consume qualitative research, such as broker research reports, is the most efficient way to glean important insights from the global sell-side community and streamline the investment process.

The Importance of Comprehensive Coverage and Custom Tagging

The global broker research coverage available from AlphaSense provides users with the ability to search and access research reports from 1,000s of analysts and ~1,000 research firms, including bulge-bracket firms, as well as smaller boutiques and regional firms.

A major issue with searching broker research: It’s ineffective if the original reports have not been properly tagged to include industry and ticker classifications. AlphaSense is the only platform that provides this level of accurate and comprehensive tagging.

How to Find the Most Relevant Research

Users at over 500 investment firms and corporations find the most relevant research using AlphaSense. The following features are unique to AlphaSense:

  • Find company reports by their respective analysts’ actions and discover major reports such as initiations, rating upgrades / downgrades or estimate changes through intuitive tagging directly in the document result list

View broker research upgrades and downgrades and initiation reports

  • Monitor all relevant industry, credit, macro and commodities reports and set up and receive alerts when relevant research is published. Note that research is often poorly tagged, so users miss key reports on other platforms
  • Find relevant research on any theme or trend, by any broker:

Imagine going to one of the most well-known names in investment research and asking for research on an obscure industry, such as “Japanese independent power producers.” That doesn’t fit into any GICS or other classification standards. The research firm tells you that they don’t have any research on this industry, but a single search on AlphaSense reveals research articles on the industry in question by that same research firm. This is a real example from an AlphaSense user

  • Cut out the noise: AlphaSense hides the legal boilerplate from search results (unless users want to see it). For example, searching for “price target” on AlphaSense shows one result in a document, even though the term appears several times in the boilerplate

Avoid the Legal Boilerplate with Broker Research on AlphaSense

  • Annotate or bookmark relevant documents and download a digest of annotations. Users can highlight and take notes directly in the context of the report. Annotate any documents on AlphaSense — including broker research — and share those annotations with other team members

Annotate or bookmark Broker Research on AlphaSense

  • Set automatic alerts: Learn immediately of any major company filings that match saved search criteria and never miss important information again

Imagine a company’s investment team losing a huge amount of money and realizing that the company they were invested in was under investigation. Another real example: The company under investigation had filed a 67-page 8K and 3 days later, brokers picked it up, published it, and the stock went down 80%. If the investment team had access to AlphaSense, they would have been alerted as soon as the filings were published

AlphaSense allows users to find information quickly, saving hours of research time and providing them with a high level of confidence in their research — ultimately creating the capability to generate more alpha.

“AlphaSense client satisfaction ratings are off the charts — the highest we’ve ever seen. And, we’ve been in business for 25 years and work with half of the Fortune 500 companies.” – Brian Rivel, President, Rivel Research Group

AlphaSense users worldwide have increased their productivity, improved their research results and now spend less time searching and more time analyzing relevant results.

Free trials of AlphaSense are available to qualified users.

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