AlphaSense is seeking smart, innovative, and ambitious technology and financial services professionals to join its global team.

Product Specialist

Location: New York City

AlphaSense provides a revolutionary search engine for knowledge professionals. Our mission is to curate and semantically index the world’s investment and market research content, including the vast high-value content sets that traditional web search engines cannot reach. Our users can rapidly search and discover key data points, and track impactful new information with intelligent alerts. Our 700+ clients include many of the world’s largest investment and advisory firms, global banks, law firms and corporations. The AlphaSense subscription service helps our clients become dramatically more productive, and gain an information edge by discovering critical data points and trends that others miss.

Role Responsibilities:

This is our team of customer facing product experts. These individuals will develop an intimate understanding of the various markets and verticals that we operate within (buy-side, sell-side, corporate), and apply product knowledge to ensure that product capabilities are fine tuned for every customer’s workflow. The team has three areas of responsibility – facilitating customer health (search requests, alert creation), pre-sales and trial management, and customer support (phone, email). They will work closely with account managers and sales executives, as well as our customer base, and tasks include:

  • Customer health: Product Specialist (PS) team works hand in hand with account management, speaking with and visiting users to ensure full product value is realized. Primary tasks include: search recommendation and customization, workflow/use case advice, training in effective use of new features.
  • Pre-sales: Assist sales in product pitches, demos and training. PS team must be capable of overcoming common objectives and communicating the value proposition in a compelling way.
  • Customer Support: This team will field all support calls, locally resolving as much as possible. They will port tickets out to appropriate teams when needed, and will retain their position as the customer’s point person through resolution.
  • Content generation: PS can be viewed as our analysts. They should be identifying content that our customers are likely to care about, and package it for distribution by Account Managers (AM) and Account Executives (AE). This content should come in the form of timely searches/trends in the market that can be used for demos or sent as search ideas.
  • Mouthpiece for customers: Because of PS deep understanding of both our product and customers, they are in a position to field feedback, identify product opportunities, and communicate that content across the organization (AM, AE, product, management).

The role also offers cross-functional exposure across our business, consequently providing you with great exposure to the different areas you may want to develop your career in, as you grow with us.

Candidate Requirements:
  • Experience with either research technology, financial information / data, or investment research services along with a good understanding of fundamental research, analyst workflows and common research tools.
  • The ability to pick up solutions which are new and unique in the market. Because of the diversity of our clients, we’re not expecting someone with “all” the relevant or applicable market knowledge, so aptitude and willingness to learn is important.
  • An intelligent, articulate, consultative and confident client facing demeanor.
  • Have the personal motivation and ability to contribute to a dynamic and entrepreneurial team culture.
  • Superior ability to develop rapport with new people, and to maintain relationships, combined with a positive and pro-active personality.
  • Energetic and creative individual, possessing natural curiosity with the ability to learn quickly and adapt.
  • Outstanding oral, written and presentation skills. Ability to distill and explain complex issues in simple terms.
  • Able to comfortably communicate at both senior executive and research analyst levels.
  • Effective time management and task prioritization when under pressure.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent.
  • Ability, and interest, to work autonomously, and for a small fast-growing company. Someone can genuinely "make the role their own", so looking for highly motivated pro-active individuals who make things happen, and want to play a big part in the company’s success and be recognized for this.