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Save 4 hours on every model

Automated table extraction saves time, and reduces the margin for error, for this analyst


Improved idea generation

Sorting through ‘massive amounts of data’ is simple with AI technology pinpointing the most relevant information

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Confidence in real-time insights

This analyst uses Alerts to surface real-time updates for his portfolio and target companies

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The company

Based in Connecticut, this hedge fund was founded 15 years ago with $50M in seed capital. Since those early days, the firm has grown to over $2 billion in assets under management through their unique thesis. Unlike many specialist hedge funds with short time horizons, this firm invests across the capital structure in both the private and public sectors and holds their companies for 5-10 years at a time.

This firm of generalists has grown by seeking out durable market leaders that have a differentiated opinion from the Street. Chase is an investment analyst at this fund with a mandate to identify new target companies, monitor portfolio performance and adjust models accordingly in support of the firm’s one-off structured transaction approach.

The challenge

The firm’s process relies heavily on event transcript analysis, with Chase diving back into 5 years worth of transcripts to assess major themes, material changes to strategy and key differentiators for the companies he is targeting. In addition to transcripts, Chase has a need to monitor news flow and PR alerts in real-time, while keeping track of any updates to key financial metrics found within SEC filings. With a demand for real-time information and deep historical context on corporate strategy, the firm turned to AlphaSense.

[AlphaSense’s] ability to sort through massive amounts of data is a game-changer

Chase F., Analyst


Improved idea generation

Exhaustive research on fundamentals, performance metrics and key differentiating factors is necessary for any analyst. For Chase, AlphaSense has become the go-to platform for deep company research. In particular, he finds the search functionality “helps in the idea gen phase” by allowing him to uncover information across a wide breadth of sources. Combining AlphaSense’s Ticker and Thematic search bars empowers Chase to quickly navigate to the most relevant information pertaining to his target company and theme. Improved idea generation is a direct result of having access to thousands of trusted sources containing highly relevant information, all available within one single platform. The ability to “sort through massive amounts of data is a game-changer”, Chase shares.

No fear in missed information

Beyond deep company research and improved idea generation, Chase uses AlphaSense to monitor his portfolio and target companies alike. “The minute I start looking at a company, I set an Alert”, says Chase, “I wouldn’t be able to find 90% of the information within the time period otherwise.” Real-time Alerts that push information about a theme or company directly to your email, build confidence that “everything from across the internet comes to my inbox.” With real-time information at his fingertips Chase is empowered to update a model or more importantly, “figure it out before the guy next door.” In an industry defined by competition, with real-time information able to move markets, feeling confident that no information has been missed is critical. “I rely on your ability to search the internet”, discloses Chase.

Accelerated modeling and data-gathering processes

Chase’s monitoring and company research processes are clearly enhanced with AlphaSense, and yet, that’s not even his favorite part. “The biggest benefit is when I am starting to build a model”, Chase says. For his models, Chase will go back and build a model using 10 years of granular data. “Table extraction saves me 4 hours with every single model”, shares Chase. With AlphaSense’s Table Tools suite, Chase is able to stitch together a decade’s worth of data, in just a few simple clicks. Table Tools, combined with audio on transcripts, which Chase says “saves me 3 hours a transcript”, speed up Chase’s company research by more than 25%. With all the time-saving tools that AlphaSense’s AI provides, Chase estimates that AlphaSense is “saving me at least 12 hours” of otherwise manual research.

With AlphaSense, Chase is not only saving time by reducing the time it takes to model, perform company deep-dives and monitor his portfolio, but he has gained confidence that he is leaving no stone left unturned and is therefore making more informed decisions for the firm. 

Everything from across the internet comes to my inbox

Chase F., Analyst

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