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How Wendel Uses AlphaSense to Never Miss Investment Opportunities


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Monitoring Portfolio Performance

AI-powered advanced searching delivers investment focus

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Accelerating Market Monitoring

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The Firm

Wendel, based in Paris with additional offices in New York and Luxembourg, is one of Europe’s leading listed investment firms. With $10+ billion in assets under management, the firm invests in European and North American companies that are market leaders shaping the future of their industries. 

Founded in 1704, the firm grew for 300 years in various industrial activities, primarily related to the steel industry. For the past 40 years, the firm, a pioneer in private equity, has been investing in high growth companies that define innovation.

AlphaSense is a kind of magic and a fantastic time-saver for any analyst or investor. The number of uses is almost unlimited. After you leverage AlphaSense, you’ll never again use Google to find financial data. It’s a real game-changer.”

Olivier Allot, Head of IR & Data Intelligence

The Challenge

As a private equity firm, the Wendel team needs to stay up to date on industry trends to monitor multiple segments. Evaluating any company to invest in is a very time-intensive endeavor, including conducting a thorough market landscape analysis to better understand the key players and how they’re engaging with particular topics.

The Wendel team was looking for a more efficient way of running complex industry-wide searches for particular topics and quickly extracting deeper insights from broker research, event transcripts, and media coverage for all publicly-traded and emerging businesses. 




Radically improve source quality and quantity

Wendel quickly saw immediate benefit in AlphaSense’s AI-powered solutions, which both vastly accelerated their ability to monitor market conditions and forecasts and substantially enhanced their information source quality and quantity.

Find market insights faster

Using AlphaSense’s custom dashboards and search capabilities, Wendel has cut their time sourcing market information by at least 50%, found added value in gaining access to new brokers via the Wall Street Insights after-market research collection and quickly made the platform a sell side research hub.

Features that fit every user’s preference

Every user at Wendel has a favored feature they encourage others to use. For example, “I really like the Company Topics explorer view to see what a company has been saying,” said a Data Intelligence officer. “This gives us a real-time view on strong and weak signals and crucial market sentiment.”

A colleague who is a Financial Analyst is a daily user of the Table Extraction to Excel capabilities: “It’s a big time-saver, no longer having to recreate all those tables. We can instead focus our energies on analysis.”

We’re in the business of finding high growth, innovative companies that will shape the future. AlphaSense fits that profile, and the thousands of qualified sources it allows us to tap into give us the type of insights we need to make crucial decisions.”

Olivier Allot, Head of IR & Data Intelligence

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