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Consumer markets are rapidly evolving, requiring you to always have a pulse on the latest trends. AlphaSense aggregates the information you need all in one place, so you can always stay one step ahead of the competition.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Easily extract insights about your biggest competitors’ strategies, performance, and market expectations from Wall Street analyst research, earnings, expert interview transcripts, and more.


Pinpoint information about your retail competitors faster by leveraging research from leading Wall Street analysts, earnings calls, and expert transcripts.

Food & Beverage

Stay ahead of your competitors’ launches with real-time alerts of emerging trends and developments. And, with our AI-powered search, you can quickly pinpoint critical insights buried in our extensive content universe.


Stay on top of your competitors’ upcoming menu items. Get smart fast on how your competitors are responding to new trends with the ability to search across trusted market intelligence sources all in one place.

Travel & Leisure

Find faster insights on what peers, analysts, experts, and media are saying about your company and industry. AlphaSense aggregates all market perspectives within one platform so you can be alerted when new commentary is published.

AlphaSense is a Leader in Market Intelligence on G2

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“[What I like best] is the speed at which I can conduct my research and the confidence it gives me in knowing whether there is information available on a given topic.”

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