Tim Hafke


Tim Hafke

Formerly a writer for publications and startups, Tim Hafke is a Content Marketing Specialist at AlphaSense. His prior experience includes developing content for healthcare companies serving marginalized communities.

role of esg in healthcare
Trends10 min read

The Evolving Role of ESG in Healthcare

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, major companies have faced mounting pressure from consumers, shareholders, and employees to adopt ESG policies into...
real-world data changing healthcare pharma
Trends8 min read

How Real-World Data Is Changing Healthcare and Pharma

With the advent of digital transformation and iterations of AI revolutionizing every industry, new forms of intelligence have emerged: real-world...
consulting deeper market research artificial intelligence
Product15+ min read

AlphaSense for Investment Banking

Over the last decade, the investment banking sector has been completely transformed by a myriad of factors—the mounting prevalence of...
pharma trends
Trends15+ min read

Top Pharma Trends to Watch in 2024

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the pharma industry has experienced rapid, radical change. From billion-dollar funding for research...
AS Blog Post Tomorrow Consumer
Trends15+ min read

Generative AI in Consumer and Retail

The consumer and retail (C&R) industry is a vast and dynamic space that, today, encompasses everything from e-commerce to brick-and-mortar...
cannabis investing
Trends10 min read

Cannabis Investing Landscape: Key Insights and Opportunities

Cannabis—it’s an industry that generated $43.72 billion globally in 2022 and will grow cashflow to $55 billion by 2027 according...
india global superpower
Trends12 min read

India: A Global Superpower in the Making?

Once again, India is proving to be a rising “superpower” country in the global market, and is quickly gaining the...
ESG Investing Trends
Trends15+ min read

5 ESG Investing Trends and Developments to Watch in 2024

ESG investing: it’s a market trend that’s gained traction with ethical investors, multi-billion dollar companies, mammoth private equity firms, and...
generative ai in manufacturing
Trends15+ min read

Generative AI in Manufacturing

Over the past year, generative artificial intelligence (genAI) has rapidly accelerated digital transformation around the globe due to AI tools...

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