Tim Hafke


Tim Hafke

Formerly a writer for publications and startups, Tim Hafke is a Content Marketing Specialist at AlphaSense. His prior experience includes developing content for healthcare companies serving marginalized communities.

consulting proposals economic uncertainty
Product9 min read

Building Winning Consulting Proposals During Economic Uncertainty

For the consulting industry, major market events have laid the groundwork for ominous upcoming QoQs.  When dangers of the COVID-19...
cybersecurity data privacy outlook
Trends8 min read

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Outlook for 2023

A myriad of geopolitical events occurred at the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023 that reshaped how business and...
energy transition ev landscape
Trends8 min read

The Fast-Evolving EV Landscape in 2023 and Beyond

A major pillar of the energy transition and in reaching a global net-zero state, electrical vehicles (EV) are posed as...
AS Blog Cloud Market
Trends12 min read

Cloud Computing Market Trends to Watch in 2023

The cloud computing market landscape, relatively unknown since its inception in the mid-2000s, is now a booming vertical driving competition...
AS Blog CPG Facing Downturn
Trends11 min read

Key Impacts of Inflation on CPG: The Trade Down Effect

In a time when market volatility is top-of-mind for investors, analysts, and consumers, these preoccupations with economic instability consequently affect...
generative AI market research
Trends6 min read

The Future of Generative AI in Market Research

Excitement for Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI)—the branch of artificial intelligence that can generate images, videos, audio, text, and 3D models...
human capital management economic downturn
Trends11 min read

Human Capital Management in an Economic Downturn

Since the start of 2023, fears of economic downturn have become a reality for a myriad of tech’s leading companies:...
pharmacy benefit manager transparency act
Trends11 min read

Pharmacy Benefit Manager Transparency Act: What it Means and What Phar...

Pharma leaders are in a frenzy after the Senate Commerce Committee passed a bipartisan bill aimed at eliminating the practice...
generative ai business ethics
Trends9 min read

The Ethics of Generative AI in Business

Today, generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) has integrated into nearly every industry, ranging from healthcare to banking, retail, and even manufacturing....

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