Tim Hafke


Tim Hafke

Formerly a writer for publications and startups, Tim Hafke is a Content Marketing Specialist at AlphaSense. His prior experience includes developing content for healthcare companies serving marginalized communities.

london stock exchange uk markets
Trends9 min read

London Stock Exchange: Shifting Dynamics in UK Markets

Is London Stock Exchange Group’s dwindling membership signaling a dynamic shift in capital and security markets? It’s a question The...
market intelligence maturity index
Trends8 min read

The Market Intelligence Maturity Index

Markets are relentlessly evolving at breakneck speed and generating massive amounts of information every day. Add in volatility brought on...
AS Blog Office Vacancy
Trends13 min read

Rising Office Vacancy Rates: The End of In-Person Jobs?

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic and its wide-reaching impact left nearly everyone questioning what the future held. Would hospitals be...
chinese lithium prices drop ev demand plummets
Trends12 min read

Chinese Lithium Prices Drop as EV Demand Plummets

Within global mining, China has stood as a formidable force among nations by commanding approximately half of the world’s coal...
AS Blog Debt Danger
Trends9 min read

Debt Danger Ahead: Outlook on US Economy

In the eyes of leading economists, the US is heading towards decades of irrevocable debt.  Recent projections from the Congressional...
technologies fueling the energy transition
Trends13 min read

Technologies Fueling the Energy Transition

The global transition to “clean” or “green” energy sources so as to eliminate reliance on fossil fuels and other harmful...
exxonmobil vs chevron impacts on big oil
Trends9 min read

ExxonMobil vs Chevron: How Big Oil Will be Impacted

Chevron’s acquisition of Hess—the deal that has elicited pandemonium across energy sectors, and even sparked comparisons to the start of...
healthcare companies are using ai
Trends7 min read

How Leading Healthcare Companies Are Using AI to Get Ahead

The future seems to already be written: life science and healthcare companies are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to gain a...
artificial intelligence trends 2023
Trends14 min read

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends to Watch in 2024

Over the past decade, every major industry has found a way to wield the incredible power of artificial intelligence (AI)...

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