Download Free Apps and Utilities, Created for AlphaSense Users.


Get the power of AlphaSense, to go.

Download the iPhone app to:

  • Search for any keywords related to a specific company, a portfolio of companies or across all companies
  • Access recent and saved searches to monitor a company, industry or specific topic
  • View customized alerts on topics of interest
  • Export documents to view at a later time or to share
  • Review annotations and keep thoughts and ideas top-of-mind


Search and access your intel from anywhere.

Download the iPad app, and you can:

  • Search across a universe of documents, including your own notes and in-house research
  • Create annotations, highlight or bookmark any content
  • Set alerts on saved searches
  • Use the same navigation experience on your iPad: Quickly jump between keyword hits
  • Author and submit a note directly on your iPad; notes are immediately searchable

AlphaSense File Sync

Automatically upload files from your hard drive to AlphaSense.

To install AlphaSense File Sync, download and run the installer. Log in using your AlphaSense username and password to complete the process. System Requirements: Windows 7 or later.

  • Designate Watched Folders on your local drives; AlphaSense will automatically upload and index any documents in those folders
  • Upload your notes, reports, presentations, etc., and they will appear in search results along with native AlphaSense documents
  • Organize and find information quickly, without having to wade through layers of folders
  • Choose to keep your documents private or share with other AlphaSense users inside your firm

Web Clipper

The intelligent way to search web clippings.

Download this Chrome extension and make any web content searchable in AlphaSense:

  • Use AlphaSense Web Clipper to capture content
  • Store web articles of interest; easily find them using AlphaSense search
  • Annotate and share clipped documents in AlphaSense with other members of your team
  • Trust that anything clipped is kept private and secure on your account