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The energy landscape is evolving rapidly. With AlphaSense, you can go beyond traditional energy research sources and never miss out on critical insights.

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Aggregated Research

Monitor industry research from over 10,000 trusted content sources, including exclusive access to top Wall Street analysis and unique expert perspectives, all in one place.

Comprehensive Analysis

Stop digging through disparate reports and alerts. Our AI search technology ensures you never miss a critical market update and find what you need faster.

Research Productivity

Conduct market research faster with relevant insights surfaced for you before it’s on anyone else’s radar.

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AlphaSense actually enables us to make decisions faster because of the amount of information, the accuracy, as well as the comprehensiveness.

Gina Li, Vice President, Strategy

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Wall Street research analyzes the hottest trends in the energy sector. How can you use it to stay ahead?

The smarter way to do market research


Stay on top of market commentary

Track competitors and key topics, all in one place with a customizable dashboard and real-time alerts.


Be the first to know about competitor updates

Never miss emerging players in your space with company recognition and Search Summaries.


Accelerate your earnings analysis

Easily analyze how your peers are talking and identify shifts in commentary using sentiment analysis.


Evaluate market opportunities for M&A faster

Accelerate the due diligence process by quickly uncovering TAM, understanding the competitive landscape and core differentiators.

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“[What I like best] is the speed at which I can conduct my research and the confidence it gives me in knowing whether there is information available on a given topic.”

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