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We leverage proprietary AI and NLP technology to enable unprecedented productivity. Align your whole firm on unified access to key data and insights, so you can win against the competition and make key decisions with confidence.

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Corporate ClientsFinancial Clients

Corporate Clients

  • Find critical information 10x faster with broad, high-value content and Smart Synonyms, our AI-enabled search that expands keyword searches to capture all terminologies
  • Use email alerts and watchlists to avoid important information falling through the cracks
  • Search your own content, analyze vast amounts of information, and find relevant insights in seconds
  • Share insights, annotations, and content efficiently across your organization with our collaboration tools
  • Access our FileSync and Web Clipper to make uploading and sharing content easy
  • Access insights on products, companies, your competitors, and market trends on the go with AlphaSense mobile apps

Financial Clients

  • Search and monitor filings, transcripts, news, and research for critical data points across a vast array of high-value content
  • Uncover intelligence that enables smarter investment decisions through Smart Synonyms, our AI-powered search functionality that automatically expands keyword searches
  • Mitigate risk of missing key information with intelligent search, real-time content, and robust email alerts
  • Organize, analyze, and share vast amounts of information with collaboration tools that help you highlight, annotate, and share
  • Save time by exporting tables directly into Excel and rapidly compare them against related tables
  • Access our FileSync and Web Clipper to make uploading and sharing content easy
  • Find new ideas and discover information you had not considered, even on the go, with the AlphaSense mobile apps
We take every precaution to ensure that the confidential information you trust with AlphaSense is absolutely secure.

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