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Insider transactions — buys & sells — can provide insight into how insiders view the future outlook of a company. Leveraging the AlphaSense API, we've compiled a live feed of insider purchases and sales across all publicly listed U.S. companies, as documented in Form 4 filings.

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Insider Transactions:

About this data
Company Insider name Transaction value Transaction type # of shares Direct/Indirect Transaction date # of shares held after transaction SEC form 4

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We leverage the AlphaSense platform to search across all SEC Form 4 Filings and extract insider transactions — both purchases, indicated by transaction code “P”, and sales, indicated by transaction code “S” — beginning August 31, 2020. If the filing has a footnote explaining that the transactions are pursuant to Rule 10b5-1, then those transactions will be marked with a *.

Insider selling is when an insider sells shares of their company’s stock, and it may signal that a company’s performance may be worse than expected in the coming months.

Insider buying is when an insider purchases shares of their company’s stock, and it often demonstrates confidence in the future performance of a company. In times of market uncertainty, it may signal management consensus that markets will recover at a faster rate than anticipated by the general public.

Insiders are (defined by the SEC) officers, directors, and those that hold more than 10% of any class of a company’s securities.

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