Agile Competitive Intelligence: A 3-Step Strategy For Taking Research On The Road

AlphaSense Staff

What is agile competitive intelligence?

It’s the ability to move with the market, to shift strategies with new insights, and stay one step ahead of disruption.

Competitive intelligence demands teams track information from inside the office, and out on the field. Idea discovery can happen in an instant, and the nature of the job changes every day—often with quick deadlines, and pressure from the organization to contribute strategic recommendations in real time.

According to a PGI study, 79% of knowledge workers surveyed said they work outside the office at least once a week. When in-depth research becomes portable, competitive intelligence becomes as agile and innovative as the industries and companies your organization is following.

Ready to make your competitive intelligence process more agile? Download our guide below to learn how to leverage mobile tools to for better workflows, wherever your job takes you: 

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