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Kick Your Earnings Season Into High Gear With Expanded Table Extraction

AlphaSense Staff

Having the latest company data the moment it is publicly available is critical for analysts who are looking to get a head start during earnings season. Frequently, companies issue press releases before their global and SEC filings are posted. Within press releases, companies will announce their quarterly results, disclosing important financial data and performance figures in balance sheets and earnings and income statements. Now with AlphaSense Table Extraction for press releases, you can access critical financial data quicker than ever before.

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The persistent challenge faced by analysts has been finding a painless way to extract this data, which is typically presented in embedded tables, and transposing it into a format that can easily be manipulated and incorporated into financial models.

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To help combat the deluge of company earnings releases, create a watchlist of companies under coverage and set up email alerts to be notified whenever one or more of these companies announce quarterly results. Now, whether the results are reported first in a press release or a SEC filing, you can use the table extraction feature in AlphaSense to export essential earnings data in seconds, stop wasting precious time on compiling and formatting data and immediately digest and analyze the information needed to update and publish timely research reports.

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