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Spot Sentiment Trends Fast on Company Tear Sheets

AlphaSense Staff

AlphaSense users are already leveraging our deep learning sentiment algorithms (90%+ accuracy) to analyze earnings transcripts. Now there’s a new way to harness the power of sentiment from a company tear sheet in AlphaSense.

Our new sentiment module on company tear sheets displays sentiment trends for a company and its peers, allowing you to track the sentiment over time and compare sentiment to gather quick insights about an industry and a view into the overall macroeconomic picture.  You can leverage Sentiment on tear sheet to save time instead of combing through multiple earnings reports for an overview of sentiment trends for a company, a competitive set, or an industry. 

Sentiment Module captures:

  • A quarter-over-quarter earnings summary.  Identify, quantify and analyze nuances within the earnings calls of every publicly-traded company.
  • Top market competitors. Instantly see the top companies in your desired market.
  • Net Earnings Call Sentiment. Catch inflection points in sentiment while they are happening.
  • Peer and Industry Median synopsis. Compare your company's performance with that of its peers and industry.
  • 15 years of history. View long-term trends to see how companies and industries perform across business cycles.

To get started, type a public company into the AlphaSense Company/Ticker search bar (like “FB” or “XOM”) the Sentiment Module will appear in the right-hand results pane along with the Company Tear sheet.


Whether you’re looking to get an instant overview of how your company is performing against competitors or benchmarking your portfolio of companies, the Sentiment Module’s proprietary technology can give you the industry’s most accurate picture.

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