Welcome To The New AlphaSense

Clarke Levidiotis Director of Product Marketing

Today we launched a simpler and easier to use interface, enhancing clients’ productivity and allowing even more insights to be uncovered. Like our new logo, which emphasizes our AI roots, we believe in using and offering the latest technology to ensure clients succeed.

Find the content you want in fewer clicks

Historically, refining sources was a source of friction, requiring multiple clicks to isolate content sets.

Now, similar content sets are grouped together in the Sources menu, making it easier for you to drill down and understand relationships between content sets.

The new “ONLY” function lets you limit your search results to a single source in a single click.

Discover more quickly in filters

The new in-filter search bar improves your ability to quickly isolate a specific piece of information, or explore what’s contained in a filter-accelerating your ability to find what you’re looking for or discover new content.

Take advantage of clearer search suggestions

The Keyword Search bar now reminds you of previous searches, providing context when you run a new search, and helping you pick up where you left off.

Access the most relevant results 

The SCORE button is now more prominent in the results section, which helps you differentiate more clearly between closely scored documents and makes it easier to hone in on the most meaningful search results.

Improved document readability

The Doc Viewer now exhibits clearer Keyword Hits & Document Controls, helping users more quickly take an action such as adding a tag/bookmark or downloading a document.

If you’re a client, log in now to take advantage of these enhancements.

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