New milestone represents a 27% increase over the prior year, as the company adds product functionality and expands repositories of searchable data for its intelligent search platform

June 1, 2018 – New York, NY – AlphaSense, provider of the revolutionary AlphaSense search engine for knowledge professionals, today announced that more than 800 institutional clients use AlphaSense to power their internal research teams. The company also recently added new product features and expanded available content sets.

AlphaSense now partners with firms in more than 25 countries. Clients include banks and investment firms managing trillions in AUM, large corporations – including 66% of DJIA companies, plus boutique firms.

“I am delighted and proud that we’ve reached this milestone. Our team works non-stop to delight our clients and help them overcome the challenges of big data and information fragmentation,” said Jack Kokko, CEO and co-founder of AlphaSense. “AlphaSense replaces prior inefficient research processes and empowers users across multiple industries to take quick action and deliver better results.”

New Features and Content Sets
The AI-powered platform includes a curated library of relevant content, and AlphaSense recently added new functionality to allows its users to upload their own content onto the platform to be indexed and searched alongside all other content sets. “Users can now connect Evernote and OneNote accounts, or even sync drives of documents with AlphaSense,” said Raj Neervannan, CTO and co-founder. “The ability to search across any content sets, including internally published information, is invaluable to our clients.”

The company also recently added U.S. Macroeconomic content and expanded its investor presentations to more than 9,500 companies globally, creating the broadest available coverage of investor relations presentations.

AlphaSense clients find data points across a vast database of content, including millions of research reports, company filings, call transcripts, the largest repository of investor relations presentations, real-time news and press releases, along with securely searching clients’ in-house content. AlphaSense users can research companies or themes and collaborate on research findings with colleagues. The platform is in use worldwide by knowledge workers, including financial analysts, investor relations officers and corporate intelligence professionals.

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About AlphaSense, Inc.
AlphaSense provides a revolutionary search engine for knowledge professionals. Our mission is to curate and semantically index the world’s investment and market research content, including the vast high-value content sets that traditional web search engines cannot reach. Our users can rapidly search and discover key data points and track impactful new information with intelligent alerts. Our clients include many of the world’s largest investment and advisory firms, global banks, law firms and corporations. The AlphaSense subscription service helps our clients become dramatically more productive and gain an information edge by discovering critical data points and trends that others miss.