AlphaSense is a revolutionary new financial search engine that allows you to deliver superior research and ideas in a fraction of the time

With one search, AlphaSense helps you to quickly and efficiently find information buried in transcripts, SEC filings, broker research, news, investor relations presentations, press releases, as well as your own uploaded content.

No More CTRL-F
In addition to providing new search capabilities available nowhere else, AlphaSense eliminates the need to search documents one at a time using an inadequate Ctrl-F function. With AlphaSense, you can:

  • Search across financial documents, earnings call and conference transcripts, investor relations presentations, press releases and filings at the same time
  • View and search industry’s best Blackline reports
  • Bookmark, highlight and annotate text in any document; download a digest of your findings
  • Significantly speed up your research process with superior results
  • Cut through the noise and uncover critical data points that others miss

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All qualified institutional investors are eligible to receive a free trial to AlphaSense.

AlphaSense is an award-winning platform, and its users include some of the world’s largest investment firms and banks, managing over $3 trillion AUM, across more than 400 firms.

AlphaSense is a game changer for research. Everyone will need it.”
– Portfolio Manager, New York

I don’t know how I did my job before AlphaSense.”
– Hedge Fund Manager, London

I spent a week building a report that this tool built in a minute.”
– Research Analyst, San Francisco

I run my own fund, and AlphaSense lets me access information on the same level as larger firms, even without the staff.”
– James H., fund manager, Bellevue, WA