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Specialized Search Engine Now Covers More Than 60 Countries Worldwide

September 3, 2013 — San Francisco, Calif. – AlphaSense, a revolutionary search engine for financial research combining unique innovations in search technology, natural language processing and big data, today announced the expansion of its global data set of indexed content.
“AlphaSense is the first company to build a search engine that understands financial language,” said Jack Kokko, CEO of AlphaSense. “While Google is a fantastic tool for generic web search, specialized search engines like WebMD and Amazon are much smarter in their respective domains. Similarly, AlphaSense has spent years building the extensive taxonomies and linguistic algorithms required to understand complex financial language. With this new release, we are now indexing every word disclosed by public companies worldwide and making that data easy to search and discover, giving our users an edge over the rest of the market.”
AlphaSense users can now access global data from over 20,000 companies in more than 60 countries. Global document coverage includes call and event transcripts, investor relations presentations, SEC filings, annual and interim reports, prospectus and offering documents and news releases, among others.
Before its proprietary linguistic processing and search indexing, AlphaSense aggregates data feeds from numerous public and commercial sources globally and carefully normalizes and tags the data. This allows AlphaSense to deliver all relevant content to a user in a single search, while minimizing undesirable noise. While Google produces millions of hits for most searches, AlphaSense delivers a finely filtered set of results, allowing its users to focus on connecting the dots rather than searching for the data.
This new content expansion allows AlphaSense to better serve its globally focused client base of professional investors, including over 150 investment firms managing several trillion in assets.
For more information, visit www.alpha-sense.com or call 1.800.719.4120 or +44 (0)20 7190 3377.
About AlphaSense, Inc.
AlphaSense provides a revolutionary search engine for professional investors. Our mission is to organize the world’s investment information by semantically indexing every word in the millions of documents that are released each year on public companies worldwide. Our users can instantly search and discover key data points, and track new market moving disclosures with automated alerts. Our clients include many of the world’s largest investment firms and banks. The AlphaSense subscription service helps our clients become dramatically more productive, and gain an information edge by discovering critical data points and trends that others miss.[/fullwidth]