When COVID-19 emerged early this year, the world changed rapidly and dramatically. The economy slowed to a halt while healthcare experts and news publications attempted to paint a picture of how Coronavirus would affect our daily lives.

To evaluate the market impact of COVID-19, we leveraged AlphaSense to extract relevant data points from transcripts, filings, and research. 2020 Year in Review: Analyzing a Pandemic-Struck Market is the sum of that effort: an in-depth analysis of the cross-industry trends that shaped the year.

In this annual report, we cover:

  • The cross-sector trends that shaped 2020, including remote work, supply chain disruptions, and bankruptcies
  • How COVID-19 and resulting impacts transformed a variety of sectors, including hospitality, healthcare, retail, travel, & real estate
  • The outlook for 2021 in light of emerging market trends and new consumer behaviors