As we move closer towards the end of the pandemic, the biggest players in the global supply chain continue to face challenges. After almost two years of working to get supply chains back in shape and normalizing forecasts for supply versus demand, new macroeconomic events keep testing their resilience.

Two on-going international conflicts, the Russian-Ukrainian war and the lockdowns in China, pose similar threats to the distribution and production of goods. While a majority of sectors will or are already experiencing setbacks, some are facing more than others, most notably, the Oil & Gas, Automotive & Manufacturing, and Aerospace & Defense industries. But what does all of this mean?

In our latest report, we took a deep dive into the current state and potential outlook for these three industries. Download now to uncover:

  • How the four perspectives–executives, analysts, experts, and journalists/regulatory bodies–are forecasting and discussing these supply chains
  • The current state of these supply chains and potential outlooks for each industry
  • Top-of-mind items for companies to consider to remain competitive in their respective industries