2020 was changed forever by the pandemic. The world froze as a novel coronavirus tore through the entire world, upending entire industries and throwing countries and companies into disarray, forcing them to scramble and find the right strategies to move forward.

However, as vaccines have rolled out and cases drop in major parts of the world, the allure of a post-pandemic future has entered into companies’ plans and perspective. However, many uncertainties, including rising cases in areas such as India and South America can’t be ignored. We dove into the research to see how companies in the most-impacted industries are discussing the potential of a post-pandemic 2021.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • How often the phrase “post-pandemic” as well as related terms show up in company documents
  • Insights and outlooks from companies across banking, hotels, restaurant, software, and REIT industries
  • New opportunities that can arise from companies’ future strategies