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AlphaSense enables knowledge professionals to search the world’s business information — indexed and all in one place for the first time. Our best-in-class search technology led Frost & Sullivan to award us the Technology Innovation Award.

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Since 2011, AlphaSense has been developing technology to help financial analysts and strategic corporate professionals make data-driven decisions. This nearly 10-year investment in AI search drives superior research and analysis for more than 1,000 clients, including half of the Fortune 100 and the world’s largest financial institutions.

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Leverage AI to search across 2,000 content sources. AlphaSense’s Natural Language Processing technology captures the meaning behind keywords so that your search results are comprehensive.

Surface information faster and easier

Save countless hours by honing in on the results that matter most and eliminating the noise. AlphaSense’s industry-leading search technology allows you to surface only the documents you need and extract core themes instantaneously.

Spot market signals and shifts in sentiment

Track shifts in sentiment among your peers and competitors by applying sentiment analysis to earning calls and event transcripts. Our sentiment model has the highest accuracy of financial language in the market.

AlphaSense is essential for best-in-class research

Frost & Sullivan is impressed that the AlphaSense platform delivers a relevance score of 5-10x more meaningful search results than competing offerings. The fine-grained tuning ability of algorithms to search by proximity enables 10x more noise reduction, enhancing results accuracy.

Dhiraj Badgujar, Senior Analyst Frost & Sullivan

In research you want to be discussing and engaging with ideas, not spending your time searching for the underlying data. AlphaSense reduces our research time, and we’re able to re-allocate our time to engage people in concepts and ideas—and in doing so, add more value to our company.

Jerome Strickland, Director of Market Intelligence & Analytics Cardinal Health


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