AlphaSense is a revolutionary, award-winning search engine that helps you to instantly cut through the noise and uncover critical data points that others miss
Why AlphaSense?
Get an information edge and save hours every day:
  • Find and get alerted to critical information buried in filings, news, research and your own content
  • Identify key data points, trends and themes on any 1 company or across 35,000+ global companies
  • Leverage groundbreaking search technology purpose-built for company and thematic research
Access AlphaSense anywhere via desktop and mobile apps.
“This product is a game-changer. Everyone will need to have it.”
– Portfolio Manager, New York
Who’s Using AlphaSense?
testimonial logos
testimonial logos
More than 450 firms rely on AlphaSense, including investment managers, global banks, research firms and corporations.
    • Investment Research
    • Corporate Strategy / M&A
    • Investor Relations
    • Private Equity
    • Investment Banking
    • Business Research
Hedge Funds Use AlphaSense
“I used to spend 10 hours on what now takes 10 minutes.”
– Director of Investor Relations, Seattle


Intelligent Search
AlphaSense aggregates
Aggregates 1000s of disparate sources in one location.
AlphaSense Indexed Search
Intelligently indexes every line of text and takes you right to your keywords.
AlphaSense Smart Synonyms
Smart Synonyms℠ expand keyword searches to include synonyms.
AlphaSense Intuitive Interface
Interface is intuitive and very efficient. Search, read and annotate documents.
“I love the synonym recognition on AlphaSense — various companies often mention the same metric in several ways, this is a huge time saver.”
– Analyst at Large Family Office, New York


Smart Filtering and Alerting
  • Get the search snippets and documents you care about sent to your inbox through our powerful email alerts
  • Leverage our advanced tagging and relevance filtering to quickly find the best content on any topic, company or industry
AlphaSense Unique Filtering
“AlphaSense is one of the few products I have seen that is immediately useful, it adds value in time savings and efficiency right away.”
– Analyst, New York
AlphaSense Unparalleled Speed
Research at Breakneck Speed
  • Find all the data in seconds vs. hours or days of manual research
  • One search is enough — Smart Synonyms capture language variations across thousands of companies
  • Let AlphaSense track all new information through intelligent alerts
  • Reinvest the saved hours in value-added analysis
“Spent 5 or 6 hours doing research yesterday that I could have done in just minutes on AlphaSense.”
– Researcher, New York
One Search Across All Documents
AlphaSense aggregates all the critical content you need every day, including:
AlphaSense Filings
SEC and global filings
AlphaSense Broker Research
Broker research
AlphaSense Conference Call Transcripts
Conference call transcripts
AlphaSense Investor Relations
Investor Relations presentations
AlphaSense Your In-House Content
Your in-house content
AlphaSense News
Real-time news and press releases


AlphaSense Upload Your Own Content
Upload Your Own Content
  • Find relevant in-house research alongside external content, all in a single search
  • Get intelligent search, alerting and collaboration on your internal documents
  • Our secure and scalable infrastructure handles any volume of content
  • Your data is always encrypted, in transit and at rest

Security You Can Trust

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