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75% of the world’s top hedge funds use AlphaSense

Get up-to-speed on any company faster

Let our powerful AI search technology instantly surface key performance metrics, insights, and management commentary, so you can focus on valuable analysis.

Remove gaps in your research

Pinpoint crucial information and spot red flags early with AI-technology that uncovers insights buried deep in dense documents.

Tap into expert perspectives

Gain instant access to thousands of expert call transcripts with former employees or competitors and get exclusive first-hand insights on hard-to-research companies.

Execute both top-down and bottom-up searches with ease

Pinpoint innovative investment ideas by staying informed on emerging markets and new industries. Simple thematic searches allow you to map the market, identify segment-specific rivers, and uncover any red flags. Dive into new companies not previously on your radar with a single company search to get an unbiased, 360° view for your due diligence.

Work smarter during earnings season

Stop wasting valuable time digging through transcripts and financials for your information. Smart Summaries automatically generates earnings call briefings that capture company outlook and provide instant snapshots of the quarter, allowing you to focus on valuable analysis.

Jumpstart financial analysis and models

Spend less time manually spreading financials or toggling between restated and original financials. Table Explorer gives you the ability to stitch together historical statements, automatically calculate key metrics, and export directly to Excel.

“AlphaSense helps us go mile-wide a lot faster, easier, and more flexibly—and then helps us figure out when to zero in.”

Portfolio Manager

“[The expert transcript library] is a great resource to talk to former employees of my portfolio companies. I’m able to do competitor checks, former employee checks, and learn about how the company works.”

Founder & Managing Director

“I was working on a project in CapIQ combing through broker research for hours when I knew exactly what I was looking for, but if I had AlphaSense I would have found it in seconds. This is not a nice to have it is a need to have.”

Senior Associate

“AlphaSense has the best and most accurate language processing when I’m searching across filings, transcripts, and other resources, the searchability with AlphaSense is second to none.”

Managing Partner

“Smart Summaries is a must-have tool. It allows me to cover peripheral companies and topics not directly in my coverage. The earnings module lets me cover a transcript in 3-6 mins vs. 10-15 mins and the company module lets me cover more ground that is new to me or on the periphery.”


Accelerate your investment process

Elevate your investment thesis with AI search technology that surfaces insights with instant and centralized access to equity research, industry reports, and proprietary expert insights for any company or niche industry. Start a free trial with AlphaSense today.

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