Why Top CPG Companies Choose AlphaSense

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Traditional methods of conducting market research in the CPG industry no longer suffice in today’s age of fast-moving innovations and quickly shifting trends. CPG organizations are increasingly turning to advanced market intelligence platforms with AI capabilities to get the competitive edge. These platforms improve the efficiency and quality of market research, and they empower users to be innovative, nimble, and proactive in their strategic initiatives. 

Here’s how AlphaSense empowers our CPG clients, and how our platform stands out from the rest.

Premium Content

AlphaSense’s extensive content universe provides access to 10,000+ sources of private, public, premium, and proprietary content—indexed, searchable, and all in one place. 

Analysts, researchers, and decision-makers in the CPG industry have access to documents including but not limited to:

  • Company documents (global and SEC filings, ESG reports, etc.)
  • Company and competitor websites
  • Government and regulatory data
  • Press releases
  • Earnings call transcripts and company presentations
  • News outlets 

In addition, AlphaSense provides access to the following proprietary content sets:

  • Wall Street Insights® – A collection of leading equity research from 1,000+ sell-side and independent firms, covering global industries, sector themes, and companies. 
  • Expert Insights – Expert Insights solutions includes the Expert Transcript Library—an ever-expanding library that currently hosts 40,000+ expert call transcripts with competitors, industry experts, professionals, customers, and former and current executives—as well as Expert Call Services. Expert Insights prioritizes compliance throughout the content development process and has a team of trained compliance reviewers who ensure research safety for clients. 

AI Search Technology

While AI is not technically necessary to conduct market research, it is the secret weapon behind every organization that is outpacing their competition. AI not only speeds up the research process—enabling you to spend more time on analysis and strategy—but it also separates the signals from the noise. 

Here is how the AlphaSense platform enhances your research process with proprietary AI features:

Semantic Search

AlphaSense’s smart AI search technology recognizes the intent of your search and surfaces key insights without you having to perform multiple manual searches or spend time reading through the entirety of multiple long documents. 

Our Smart Synonyms™ technology analyzes speech patterns across tens of millions of search documents, resulting in a robust library of synonymous words. The platform ensures you get all the relevant search results—without any of the excess noise or extraneous effort.  

Trending Topics

Our Trending Topics tool is key for unlocking critical insights from a vast body of data—in seconds. This AI tool, accessible via the main dashboard, allows you to see the top 100 topics that are trending for a single company or a group of companies in a watchlist or industry. Try this feature for free here.

Sentiment Analysis

Our sentiment analysis technology utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) to uncover market perceptions about any given topic. Further, it color-codes positive and negative sentiment for easy recognition as you browse search results. These AI features are executed in seconds, saving analysts precious hours that would have previously been spent combing through multiple earnings call transcripts.

Generative AI

As a platform purpose-built to drive the world’s biggest business and financial decisions, our Smart Summaries feature leverages our 10+ years of AI tech development and draws from a curated collection of high-quality business content.

Our Smart Summaries feature summarizes earnings documents, allowing you to speed up your earnings research process and quickly understand company outlook—so you can spend more time on high-value tasks. 

Theme Extraction

This tool allows users to extract the most important topics from earnings transcripts in the context of key metrics, such as QoQ increase in mentions, positive/negative sentiment, and overall mentions. 

With this tool, users save time, all while identifying the most relevant information at scale across every single competitor’s transcript. And because our model is trained specifically on financial language, it can pinpoint the most valuable and important company insights.

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