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AlphaSense Enterprise Intelligence enables secure searches, summaries, and follow-up questions across your proprietary internal data and a vast repository of 300M+ premium external documents – all powered by our industry-leading AI for market intelligence.

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The leading AI-powered market intelligence platform–purpose-built for your enterprise's knowledge base

Maintain your competitive edge with a proven market intelligence partner

Centralize your market intelligence

1300+ AlphaSense customers have integrated their proprietary internal content alongside our premium external market intelligence and leverage our industry-leading search, summarization, and monitoring tools.

Search everywhere, all at once

Our best-in-class search technology saves time by delivering and summarizing the most relevant results across your proprietary internal content and hundreds of millions of premium external documents.

Instant genAI-powered answers

Our purpose-built genAI capabilities–powered by AlphaSense Large Language Model (ASLLM)–deliver instant, accurate, and secure summarizations with the ability to ask follow-up questions across both your proprietary internal content and hundreds of millions of premium external documents.

Designed to protect your company’s data

Enterprise Intelligence meets the highest industry standards–including SOC2, ISO270001 compliant, regular, accredited third-party penetration testing, FIPS 140-2 standard encryption on all content, and SAML 2.0 integration.


Purpose-built AI

Our 10-year investment in AI seamlessly layers Company Recognition, Sentiment Analysis, Topic Extraction, Smart Synonyms, and Smart Summaries – fueling best-in-class semantic search, summarization and follow-on questions directly atop your proprietary knowledge base.

Ease of integration

Easily upload and manage tens of millions of documents by uploading directly through our API, 3rd party connectors, or customer-managed solution in the cloud of your choice.

Scalable platform

Enterprise Intelligence offers a robust suite of APIs – allowing customers to integrate their content, manage users and entitlements, and embed AlphaSense insights into other 3rd party products at scale.

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Personalization & collaboration

Enterprise Intelligence helps your organization establish a consistent market view with customizable dashboards and alerts, advanced highlighting and annotation capabilities, and a robust, collaborative notebook enabled via enterprise-ready sharing and permission management.

Extensive Out-of-the-Box Content Library

Built with nearly two decades’ worth of premium content sets, Enterprise Intelligence accelerates your insight generation with over 300 million documents across Broker Research, Company Documents, Expert Calls, News, Regulatory, and more–with an additional 2 million+ new documents added per week.

Enterprise-grade Data Protection

AlphaSense is committed to the security and privacy of your data. Enterprise Intelligence’s cloud environment complies with global security standards–SOC2, ISO270001 compliant, conducts regular, accredited third-party penetration testing, offers FIPS 140-2 standard encryption on all content, and supports SAML 2.0 integration.

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“I can spend more time researching efficiently, less time chasing internal teams, and more confidently advising our teams”

-Manager and Information Specialist at Leading Semiconductor Company

Raise your organizational IQ

Learn how AlphaSense’s centralized, AI-driven platform can transform your enterprise knowledge with enhanced access to internal and external perspectives to deliver fast, relevant insights.

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Let’s explore how AlphaSense Enterprise Intelligence can transform your company’s market intelligence.

Enterprise Intelligence offers:

  • An end-to-end AI-powered market intelligence platform that centralizes your proprietary internal and premium external content sets.
  • Purpose-built genAI allows you to accurately search, summarize, and interrogate both internal and external content sets
  • Designed with enterprise-grade data protection to meet the highest industry standards
  • Built to scale, ensuring insights are exactly where teams need them


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