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The top 15 sell-side research firms use AlphaSense

Stop wasting time on monotonous search

Stop wasting time manually combing through individual transcripts and financials for answers that may not exist. Let AI extract key stats, themes, and trends so you can focus on high-value analysis.

Landscape your industry in seconds

Streamline the research process with a one-stop shop for all your premium sources, notes, and analysis.

Never miss a thing

Proactively identify key drivers of business momentum with real-time alerts for news and company announcements.

Know your companies, inside and out

Leverage intelligent search to effortlessly see how a company discusses a topic across all history in a single view. Smart Synonyms™ understand variations in business language to ensure you never miss out on relevant mentions.

Work smarter during earnings season

Save time and cover more companies during earnings season with Smart Summaries. Our genAI feature automatically generates earnings call briefings that instantly recap company performance and outlook, giving you more time to connect with clients.

Jumpstart financial analysis and models

Spend less time manually spreading financials or toggling between restated and original financials. Table Explorer gives you the ability to stitch together historical statements, automatically calculate key metrics, and export directly to Excel.

“I prefer to use AlphaSense to access all the documents I need because it is all in one spot. When a client asks me a question, I can instantly pull up what a company has said.”

Vice President

“When I have a hard time drawing major investment conclusions, the expert transcript library comes with extremely interesting data points. I take these into consideration when going to management one on ones.”

Managing Director

“Before AlphaSense I spent hours going through individual transcripts looking for thematic trends. AlphaSense frees me up to spend more time updating models, writing reports and speaking to clients.”

Research Associate

“I continue to use AlphaSense most for initiations. Going back and forth between Ks and Qs is exhausting. AlphaSense keeps that all in one place to quick compare financial performance.”


“Previously I would use the edgar tool and basically have 20 tabs open and I would manually spread that data. With AlphaSense, I can export all data as one time period as column to jumpstart my model.”


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Elevate your research with AI search technology that surfaces insights with instant and centralized access to premium company sources, industry reports, and proprietary expert insights for any company and industry. Start a free trial with AlphaSense today.

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