Renaissance Macro Analyst Streamlines Workflow with AlphaSense

The Firm

Founded in 2011, Renaissance Macro (RenMac) provides macro research to institutional investors and helps them see the investment world through a differentiated lens. As a sell-side research analyst at RenMac, Howard Mason is tasked with covering a wide range of securities and providing content on macro-trends from the perspective of the fixed income markets. In order to effectively research and provide insights, efficiency in the research process is crucial.

The Challenge

The stock market is influenced by numerous short-term factors, such as earnings reports and news headlines, that can distract from longer-term macroeconomic trends. This level of noise causes challenges for Howard and other analysts. 

“It was challenging to surface macro-themes from the large number of company earnings reports and presentations,” Howard says. In addition, he often faced workflow interruptions when verifying historical data across the financial statements of reporting companies which caused delays in getting to the information he needed.

The Solution

AlphaSense helps Howard more efficiently identify macros themes across a large number of company documents, while also minimizing context switching when fact checking financial statements. “The ability to search across a large number of companies in a targeted manner, both by theme and by data source, streamlines my workflow,” Howard says.

“Having the data easily accessible through AlphaSense allows me to pursue a more ambitious research agenda and to engage with clients more confidently.”

Howard Mason, Financial Analyst, Renaissance Macro

Howard routinely recommends AlphaSense to his clients because of its powerful AI search capabilities and clean user interface. 

“AlphaSense is my primary tool for surfacing insights on macroeconomic and industry themes. I could not as easily do my job without it.”

Howard Mason, Financial Analyst, Renaissance Macro

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