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Accelerated and cost-effective access to primary research

Instantly access a large and growing database of expert transcripts plus personalized one-on-one expert calls to drive growth through well-informed, data-driven decisions.

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Expert Transcript Library

Uncover proprietary insights from expert interviews across a breadth of industries, including TMT, healthcare, consumer, industrials, energy, financials, materials, utilities, and real estate. Our powerful AI eliminates the manual task of searching for crucial information by quickly pinpointing insights across 30,000+ transcripts covering thousands of public and private companies.

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Expert Call Services

Quickly connect with professionals from Stream’s expansive global network, consisting of one million pre-qualified experts. We offer transparent pricing, free transcriptions, and a 70% cost savings compared to traditional expert networks.

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“The quality of the interviews and the content … are incredibly valuable because you’re getting to the meat of the conversation.”

Dan Hamilton, VP of Competitive Intelligence

“Stream helps us go mile-wide a lot faster, easier, and more flexibly—and then helps us figure out when to zero in.”

Nitin Sacheti, Founder

“I have used a wide range of expert networks over the last years as part of my research. Other than the prohibitive cost of a single expert call, the quality of the experts was very hit-and-miss and usually the scope of what the experts were truly knowledgeable about was pretty limited – which meant that multiple calls were required to properly cover a specific area. Stream by AlphaSense basically solves all of these problems at a fraction of the cost.”

Fady Riad, CEO

“I was able to recently find five or six calls covering theme parks which eliminated the need to hire someone to manage industry-specific calls. The expert call content in Stream is one of the AlphaSense resources that provides us the insights and signals to know which clients we should go after.”

Fabiano Lopes, Managing Director

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