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In this industry, you need to innovate to survive. With new technologies, competitors, and key accounts evolving every day, AlphaSense ensures you find critical market information faster and never miss an insight again.

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Evaluate and prioritize growth opportunities quickly and confidently with access to aggregated industry research from Wall Street’s top analysts, as well as over 10,000 content sources, all in one place.


Get smart on media market landscapes and consumer data faster. Our proprietary AI technology proactively surfaces niche players and crucial market information.


Easily monitor competitor strategies and partnership models and accelerate your growth in new markets with real-time alerts and access to research from Wall Street’s top analysts.

Tech, media, telecom use cases


Stay on top of market commentary

Monitor competitors and key topics all in one place with a customizable dashboard and real-time alerts.


Be the first to know about competitor updates

Never miss out on emerging players in the space with company recognition and Search Summaries.


Evaluate market opportunities for M&A faster

Accelerate the market landscaping process by quickly uncovering TAM, understanding the competitive landscape and core differentiators.


Accelerate your earnings analysis

Easily analyze how your peers are talking and identify shifts in commentary using sentiment analysis.

“I don’t think we do our job as effectively as a competitive team if we didn’t have AlphaSense.”

Dan Hamilton, VP of Competitive Intelligence at Salesforce

Why 85% of the S&P 100 trust AlphaSense

  • Aggregated research

    Monitor industry research from over 10,000 trusted content sources, including exclusive access to industry research from top analysts and unique expert perspectives.

  • Comprehensive analysis

    Stop digging through individual reports and alerts. Our AI search technology ensures you never miss a critical market update and find what you need faster.

  • Research productivity

    Conduct market research faster with relevant insights surfaced for you before it’s on anyone else’s radar.

AlphaSense is a Leader in Market Intelligence on G2

Robust and helpful tool

“[What I like best] is the speed at which I can conduct my research and the confidence it gives me in knowing whether there is information available on a given topic.”

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