AlphaSense case studies

How Merz beats deadlines with AI

A family-owned business since 1908, Merz Aesthetics is a leading, global aesthetics company.

Why AlphaSense is a ‘double win’ for Evoque Data Centers

Evoque Data Center Solutions is an industry leader in enterprise services. See how their Director of Cl increased the confidence in and speed of his research.

“[With AlphaSense], I found the precise information I wanted in a fraction of the time it would have taken me elsewhere.”


Steve Friedberg
Director of Competitive Intelligence

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How KEMET accelerates Investor Relations research

By automating the research process, AlphaSense empowers Investor Relations professionals to focus on strategic work, ensuring a smoother earnings season.

“It’s really easy to use and … [it cuts] through a lot of the noise in the information.”

Cody Coonradt
Senior Manager of Global Strategy and Market Development, 3M

Blind case studies

70% of the world’s largest investment firms and 50% of the S&P 500 use AlphaSense to build confidence and efficiency in their research processes. At the request of some of our clients, we’ve omitted company names to respect their request for confidentially.

How AI improves investment theses for this private equity analyst

This private equity team improves investment theses by pinpointing precise insights and generating new ideas, in record time.

A power tools company confidently makes strategic decisions

Through embracing intelligent search, this IR team is able to uncover critical information fast and help inform the company’s most strategic initiatives with confidence.

CI for a big pharma gains foresight during tumultuous times

For this big pharma firm, COVID-19 created new urgency, with a need to preserve thorough peer analysis. Uncover how they remain confident amidst uncertainty.

A Fortune 50 tech giant answers big questions with AI

This multinational tech and consulting firm leverages AI to provide data-driven business insights powering the future of information technology.

A fund with $50B in AUM starts all research with AlphaSense

This $50B AUM’s responsibilities include sourcing, underwriting & structuring investments in public and private securities. Learn how AI increases efficiency.

A Fortune 500 medical device leader produces higher quality analysis

Comprehensive content sources and efficient, AI-powered competitive analysis builds confidence in quality of work for this Fortune 500 strategy leader.

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