Vale Maximizes AlphaSense’s GenAI To Become A Leader In Sustainable Mining

The Company

Vale (NYSE: VALE) is a leading multinational mining company based in Brazil on a mission to become the leader in sustainable mining. Founded in 1942, the company has advanced its mission by emphasizing innovation, operational efficiency, and commitment to environmental and social responsibility. Through a longstanding commitment to market leadership, Vale has become a pioneer in transforming natural resources into prosperous and sustainable development.

Leading The Pack With Sustainable Mining

As part of Vale’s mission to introduce more sustainable processes into the mining industry, one of the Corporate Strategy team’s tasks is to create a long-term plan to achieve leadership status in this motion. A significant part of this strategy is maintaining a holistic understanding of the competition and their intentions to develop enrichment technologies competing for higher quality iron ore. 

According to Vale’s Corporate Strategy team members, Gabriel Barradas and Marcus Nova, AlphaSense has played a critical role in developing this long-term plan. One way Gabriel uses AlphaSense to stay one step ahead is to identify the next steps in supply chains. Using car manufacturing as an example, the team leverages AlphaSense to gather trends to understand what car companies are pressuring manufacturers for and how this will ultimately affect the mining industry.

Staying On Top Of Competitor Trends With AlphaSense Assistant

In a recent report that Vale’s Corporate Strategy team created for the company’s Board of Directors, Barradas and Nova found AlphaSense’s newest generative AI functionality, AlphaSense Assistant, valuable in helping uncover the right information about their competitors more efficiently. As they worked to analyze their competitive suite across four key areas–including product diversity, expected returns in the next 5 years, decarbonization or other sustainability plans, and primary investments–Assistant allowed them to collect the information they needed quickly and with the confidence that it was accurate and easily verifiable.

“We only had a little time to produce this report, and we needed to understand what each of our competitors were doing across these four key areas. Assistant helped me move faster in my research—quickly finding the reports I was looking for and summarizing everything really well.”

– Gabriel Barradas, Strategic Planning Analyst

Additionally, Barradas and Nova commented on the value of Assistant in uncovering information across sources like earnings calls and broker research reports, allowing them to access the information they’re looking for in less time–and without having to read through entire documents. Less time hunting for this information meant they could spend more time refining their presentation to the Board.

“The part where I find Assistant brilliant is in pulling information from earnings calls. Usually it’s cumbersome to  to read through the Q&A of earnings calls, especially if I want just a very specific piece of information. We can ask Assistant about each of our topics of interest, and it brings the information really quickly and summarizes it so I’m only reading what I need to.”

– Gabriel Barradas, Strategic Planning Analyst

“A key part of our research is looking at the price forecasts from banks. Assistant helps a ton for the initial summarization of these reports—it brings all the information we need for understanding these forecasts.”

– Marcus Nova, Strategic Planning Analyst

The Future of Sustainable Mining

As Vale progresses along its journey to lead sustainable mining worldwide, the Corporate Strategy team looks forward to doubling down on AlphaSense’s growing investment in generative AI, especially regarding Assistant. Some of the functionalities they’re most excited about include incorporating relevant charts, tables, and graphs into Assistant’s answers and the ability to ask Assistant more complex, multi-source questions.

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