Traditionally considered a source of insight for sell-side firms, broker research and reports now provide critical insight for corporate and consulting professionals. In addition, corporate strategy professionals are increasingly turning to broker research to analyze market landscapes and better understand analyst assessments of market and industry trends, as well as performance of competitive peers.

However, manually finding broker reports and extracting the insights they contain requires significant time and effort—think multiple search engine queries and hours of combing through countless documents to identify important information. And even when you locate the right reports, broker research is often stuck behind frustrating paywalls.

The AlphaSense platform transforms the research experience by providing you with access to top broker research and other premium content and data sources, such as Wall Street Insights®, all within a single, centralized platform. 

With AI search technology supporting your research, you’ll also be able to quickly identify insights to uncover new opportunities, stay one step ahead of your market competitors, and deliver exceptional results for your clients.

Wall Street Insights®

AlphaSense provides global reports from 1,000+ research providers (comprised of sell-side analysts, strategists, and research teams) that cover companies, industries, asset classes, and economies. 

Our default proprietary offering Wall Street Insights® features equity research from the world’s leading brokerage firms including, but not limited to:

  • Goldman Sachs
  • JP Morgan
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Cowen
  • UBS
  • HSBC
  • Credit Suisse

Wall Street Insights® showcases both real-time and after-market research, is sourced from both broker partnerships and vendors, and covers North America, EMEA, APAC, and LATAM regions.

With Wall Street Insights®, you can conduct more comprehensive competitive analysis, improve client interactions, enhance internal research and strategy, and save your organization time and money with AI and automations. 

Broker Reports You Can Access on the AlphaSense Platform

On the AlphaSense platform, users can access several critical types of equity research reports, including:

  • Company reports – Issued periodically over the course of an analyst’s or firm’s time covering said stock and include:
    • Upgrades/downgrades: published when a stock analyst changes their opinion of a stock, and subsequently, their investment recommendation
    • Estimate / price target revisions: published when an analyst revises their previous price target (their prediction of the future price of a security)
    • Initiation reports: published when a broker first begins covering a company
    • Credit research
    • All other company reports
  • Industry reports – Analyze a set of companies within the same industry
  • Fixed income reports – Demonstrate maturity distribution of portfolios
  • Economic/macro reports – Shares analysts’ views on growth expectations, inflation, stock market volatility, and global market trade
  • Commodities reports – Provide analysis of commodities within a particular industry, published weekly or monthly

Unlock Market Moving Insights Faster with AI & Automation

When you rely on an equity research platform that utilizes the power of AI search technology, you can be more confident in your research, knowing you are no longer at the mercy of human error. AlphaSense also allows you to automate certain research processes that previously would have required hours of manual work, streamlining your entire process so you can take action and make mission-critical decisions faster than ever. 

Here’s how our semantic search and smart automations can transform your workflow:

Smart Search

Smart Search technology doesn’t just recognize the keywords included in your query—it understands the intent behind your search, delivering content sources with the highest relevance and value to your search. It allows you to find all relevant data points with a single search, saving countless hours and increasing precision in your research.

Additionally, broker research is often inconsistently tagged because different firms may use different classification taxonomies, or include their own terms to define industries and trends. In addition to recognizing relevant language patterns, Smart Search assigns correct tagging to reports from thousands of analysts and research firms, regardless of which analyst published the report.

Smart Synonyms, our proprietary element of Smart Search, weeds out the sources that may include similar keywords but are not topically significant to your research, meaning you’ll never have to cut through excess noise to find the insights you need.

Relevance Rankings

AlphaSense automatically ranks results by their relevance to your research using a number of algorithmic factors, including search term proximity, Smart Synonyms, and document decay. You can be confident that the content sources at the top of your search results page are the ones most aligned with your current research needs.

Smart Alerts

Without a centralized search system, analysts are left to perform multiple manual searches and parse through Google Alerts for the ones with real relevance. On the AlphaSense platform, real-time alerts are customizable and can be set up for a particular company, industry, keyword, or topic (or a set/list of any of the above).

Customized alerts and watchlists give analysts real-time notifications about important news and updates while also ensuring they aren’t bogged down with alerts that are not in tune with what they really need (i.e. Google Alerts and other public search engine options).

Generative AI

AlphaSense’s generative AI is purpose-built for business professionals, leaning on 10+ years of AI tech development. Our proprietary genAI tool, Smart Summaries, generates insights across all four key perspectives—company documents, news, expert calls, and broker research. 

Sourced from across all broker research you are entitled to, published within the past 90 days, and covers sections including: 

  • Upgrades and downgrades – Covers which brokers have upgraded/downgraded this company within the past 90 days and why 
  • SWOT analysis – Covers the topics/trends identified as strengths/opportunities or threats/weaknesses from across broker reports about this company
  • Competitive landscape – Covers the competitive landscape for this company from across broker reports

The Missing Perspective

Here at AlphaSense, we talk about market research in terms of the four perspectives. For every market-moving event, what are the perspectives of companies, news outlets, industry experts, and analysts on the topic? 

Historically, the latter has been the most challenging to access because companies needed to have existing relationships with specific brokerage or investment banking firms to get those insights. But with AlphaSense, you get easy access to multiple firms’ equity research, which allows you to take your research and strategic decision-making to the next level. 

Broker research reports have always been used by investors and hedge fund managers to come up with lucrative investment ideas and make smarter investment decisions. Now it is commonplace for cutting-edge corporations to utilize analyst perspectives in order to quickly get smart on market landscapes and understand analysts’ expectations on market trends, industry, and peer performance.

Here are just a few of the ways AlphaSense users rely on broker research to navigate ever-evolving market conditions and stay in the know about important trends:

Forecasting for the Future

In the interconnected world we live in today, economic, socio-political, and natural events that occur continents away can impact the success of your business. You need to know what market experts are saying about what’s happening in the world.

One of the biggest developments from the COVID-19 pandemic was the rise of virtual healthcare, or telemedicine. Using AlphaSense, our users were able to monitor rising mentions of the topic across all four perspectives, but it was specifically broker research that proved to be the most abundant source of information in the platform discussing the future of telemedicine, with analysts unanimously agreeing that healthcare systems will have no choice but to adopt telemedicine into their practices going forward.

Using broker research and our platform, we can forecast the trends and outlooks in the healthcare tech space for the future, based on current trends and analysis in areas like AI, medical robotics, and digital therapeutics

Following the Evolution of a Market Trend

ESG has been a dominant force in the investment world over the past several years. It was a trend that arrived forcefully and showed no signs of slowing down in importance to investors and consumers alike—until it did. 

Using AlphaSense, we were able to track the trajectory of the ESG movement—from its meteoric rise to the forefront of corporate discourse to its suddenly uncertain future as public scrutiny and distrust continue to build

Armed with the four perspectives, AlphaSense users were able to follow changing ESG dynamics and clearly understand the trend’s evolution, including shifting public and company sentiment and expectations. Broker research, in particular, was critical for staying ahead of these shifts. It not only informed users on all relevant information early on, but also gave interpretations and expert analyses of this information, allowing them to manage risk, capitalize on new opportunities, and gain a competitive edge. 

Peer Analysis

Peer analysis is critical for organizations to achieve and maintain dominance in their respective fields. This means accurately identifying and interpreting industry trends, opportunities, and threats, so you can respond quickly and effectively. AlphaSense helps you stay informed on your peers with customizable watch lists and alerts that notify you whenever a new investment research piece is published featuring one of the companies in your industry. 

When analyzing competitors, it is also important to understand what growth areas those companies are anticipating. By benchmarking competitors’ R&D investments, you can gain valuable insight into companies’ strategies and use that knowledge for your own strategic decision-making.  

Broker research provides instant access to sales revenue forecasts for specific products, as well as R&D percentage of sales for specific companies, and you can find every relevant equity research piece quickly and easily in AlphaSense.

Groundbreaking Insights from Industry Experts

Monitoring macro trends and conditions is essential for smart investing and apt decision making for any company. The broker research on AlphaSense provides consistent expert insight and direct commentary on economic trends, opportunities, and challenges, so that you can avoid being caught off guard by an unexpected market-shifting event. 

When the popular stationary bike company, Peloton Interactive, first announced its decision to partner with industry giant Amazon, many were blindsided. But those who were relying on the four perspectives available through AlphaSense were able to spot the telling signs and key milestones that led up to this deal

In particular, broker research in the AlphaSense platform showed that this decision was not unexpected at all, but rather played into Peloton’s overall strategy to recoup lost capital by spending less on digital advertising and relying instead on Amazon’s massive customer base.